Posted 10 марта 2022,, 07:38

Published 10 марта 2022,, 07:38

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Farewell to Network! The work of Russian bloggers becomes useless

Farewell to Network! The work of Russian bloggers becomes useless

10 марта 2022, 07:38
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Bloggers that recently were successful now are losing not only their income, but also the topics that made them popular.

Novye Izvestiya has already talked about the unfortunate situation that Russian video bloggers find themselves in due to Western sanctions: they immediately lost almost all their income, which was brought to them by advertising foreign brands and services. However, this is not all the trouble that befell them, says network analyst Alexey Koloskov. Not only did bloggers who worked on YouTube channels suffer, but also primordially domestic sites, such as YandexZen, where bloggers deprived of money rushed, also stopped paying for showing ads, and drastically reduced bonuses for the number of subscribers.

However, the most unpleasant thing, according to Koloskov, is that from now on, the content that has enjoyed constant success (for example, travel), now due to the terrible events in Ukraine and the sluggish pandemic, will be of little demand. There was also no need for reviews of gadgets that Western companies refused to sell to Russia. Etc…

Of course, this situation will force yesterday successful and prosperous bloggers to look for other ways to earn money, learn something new and useful, but, on the other hand, society will lose many professionals who created high-quality video and photo stories, as well as interesting texts. Probably, the time of the good old paper newspapers and magazines is returning, the author concludes.