Posted 10 марта 2022, 11:57

Published 10 марта 2022, 11:57

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:36

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The European Union announced that they had reached the limit of financial sanctions against Russia

10 марта 2022, 11:57
The head of European democracy, Josep Borrell (pictured), admitted that the EU has reached the limit of its capabilities in anti-Russian sanctions in the field of finance.

"Of course, you can always go further, but we have already reached the limits of what we can do. We did everything we could", - Borrell said in an interview with Franceinfo.

He also decreed that we are talking about massive restrictions that led to the fall of the Russian currency by 40%.

He called the sanctions heavy, and specified that they "will lay a heavy burden on the Russian economy". Moreover, one of the most painful for the Russian Federation was the ban on the export of high technologies in the industrial and other sectors of the economy.

Recall that the list of restrictions imposed by the European Union for Russia includes the disconnection of a number of banks from the SWIFT system, the suspension of the Nord Stream 2 certification, the closure of the skies for Russian airlines, etc.