Posted 10 марта 2022,, 07:36

Published 10 марта 2022,, 07:36

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

The European Union unveiled a plan of giving up gas and oil from Russia

The European Union unveiled a plan of giving up gas and oil from Russia

10 марта 2022, 07:36
The European Union can reduce dependence on Russian energy supplies by 67% by the end of this year, and the European Commission proposes to completely give up coal, oil and gas from the Russian Federation "long before 2030".

The plan presented by the EC - REPower EU - involves the diversification of gas supplies through the growth of purchases of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and pipelines from suppliers outside of Russia, as well as the growth of production and imports of biomethane and renewable hydrogen.

The EC noted that it is necessary to reduce the use of fossil fuels by improving energy efficiency, expanding the use of renewable energy sources and electrification, as well as eliminating bottlenecks in infrastructure.

This should help the European Union reduce its dependence on gas supplies from Moscow by 67% (about 100 billion cubic meters) by the end of this year.

By April, the EC will prepare a legislative proposal that requires underground gas storage facilities to be filled to at least 90% by October 1 each year.

By the way, if the EU decides to abandon Russian oil and gas, it will turn into a real disaster for the union, said MEP Thierry Mariani.

Meanwhile, Turkey does not intend to follow the example of the US and the UK and refuse Russian oil.