Posted 11 марта 2022, 13:04

Published 11 марта 2022, 13:04

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Belsat: Belarusian banks stopped accepting Russian rubles

11 марта 2022, 13:04
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A number of Belarusian banks have introduced restrictions on the acceptance of Russian rubles, and some exchange offices have completely stopped buying Russian money.

According to Belsat, the reason for the introduction of restrictive measures in the republic was a sharp depreciation of the Russian currency and a ban on the sale of dollars and euros introduced in the Russian Federation.

By introducing restrictions, Belarusian banks decided to protect themselves from the invasion of their Russian neighbors, who dream of saving the melting rubles by buying foreign currency.

If earlier the Belarusian ruble could be bought for 20 Russian rubles, now the Russian currency has depreciated five times and is traded at the rate of 1 to 100.

The media note that after the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the Russian ruble collapsed not only in Western markets, but also in the territory of friendly Belarus.

“In some currency exchange offices, they stopped buying Russian money altogether”, - Belsat writes.

Obviously, by introducing bans, Belarusian banks hope to preserve their foreign currency savings, fearing a mass pilgrimage to the republic of residents of the Russian Federation with bundles of rubles.