Posted 11 марта 2022,, 13:55

Published 11 марта 2022,, 13:55

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Vodka prices in supermarkets increased by 10-15%

Vodka prices in supermarkets increased by 10-15%

11 марта 2022, 13:55
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Analysts say that the sanctions even affected this traditionally Russian product.

Anti-Russian sanctions, as you know, have also affected such a sacramental commodity for every inhabitant of the country as vodka. For example, the American Brown-Forman, which is the producer of Jack Daniel's whiskey and Finlandia vodka, has already announced that it is suspending its activities in Russia. And she's not alone. But the most surprising thing is that our, domestic vodka suddenly and suddenly rose in price. Moreover, in specialized alcohol stores, such as Bristol, K&B, Fragrant World, and in the wine departments of ordinary supermarkets - in Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, and others

This especially affected products of purely Russian production in the lower price segment. Vodka produced in Adygea, Bashkiria, Mordovia, North Ossetia, Tatarstan has risen in price by 10-15%.

Experts say that this was partly due to the abolition of semi-permanent discounts, and partly due to rising prices for the drink itself. Vodka is cheaper than 300 rubles. hard to find for half a liter. But back in January, its minimum selling price ranged from 240 to 250 rubles.

Analyst Vladimir Stechkin writes in this regard: “Even our “string” – vodka for some reason has grown dramatically and now it is difficult to find it cheaper than 300 rubles. It seems to be our primordially ancestral product, made from Russian grain and water, and the container is molded from Russian glass. Apparently, manufacturers pour it on strictly imported equipment, deliver this business on imported cars, which have risen sharply in price following the dollar”.

Andrey Nalgin, a network analyst, states the same:

“Entire and complete vodka, from bottles and corks to the potion itself, is produced in Russia, at Russian factories, from domestic raw materials. Logistics, distribution, retail - everything is again internal. And there is no rush demand for “liquid currency”: for 30 years of the new Russia, people have got used to the fact that this product is always present on the shelves. That is, this 15% rise in the price of a socially sensitive product is the best evidence of the real import dependence of Russia, even where it supposedly has “everything of its own”…”

Indeed, some of the equipment of modern distilleries is imported, and the enterprise management system works on foreign programs and computers. Both the machines themselves and the inks for printing labels are also imported. As well as trucks for the distribution of goods, and even raw materials for alcohol, from cereals to root crops, have an "imported component". For example, seeds. And finally, Beluga Group and Ladoga Group attracted investments for development in the Western market.

True, there is still nothing sudden in this situation: the distributors themselves started talking about the upcoming rise in price after the first portion of the sanctions. Then the largest Russian importers - Simple Group and Ladoga - announced that they were "adjusting product prices due to the current economic situation." But it was mainly about imports. They planned to revise prices back in January, since the poor harvest of grapes in Europe, the increase in the cost of components and transportation costs led to an increase in the selling prices of suppliers. But the sharp fall of the ruble forced the producers of vodka to reconsider those plans, and significantly raise prices in Russia itself.

However, in the West, Russian vodka does not even rise in price, but is simply withdrawn from sale for obvious reasons.