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Published 11 марта 2022,, 10:24

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Will there be a third world war in 2022?

Will there be a third world war in 2022?

11 марта 2022, 10:24
Russia's special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine has grown into a major conflict involving Western countries. Russia is subject to sanctions, the purpose of which is the complete isolation of the country in the context of the world community.

How will Russia, which is the largest nuclear power, respond? Will there be a third world war in 2022? What do political scientists, journalists and even predictors say about this ? Read the article in Novye Izvestia.

World War III due to the conflict between the West and Russia

The strengthening of Russia in the international arena was bound to lead to its confrontation with the West, political scientists believe. The current confrontation is not the same as it was at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, when the prerequisites for the First World War (1914-1918) were being realized, or in the middle of the 20th century, when the Soviet Union liberated the allied countries from the invasion of German invaders during the Second World War ( 1939-1945).

However, even today, the issue of geopolitics, a new redistribution of the world , is at the forefront of international conflict . A third war could start over Russia 's defense of its own territories and interests. The country must designate the inviolability of its borders in response to the ongoing expansion of the NATO bloc to the East.

Putin instructed the Ministry of Defense to transfer the military forces to a special regime

In the course of the current conflict, terrible words about nuclear war are heard more than once . So, US President Joe Biden believes that the imposed sanctions are precisely the alternative to nuclear war .

“There were two options: start a third world war , start a physical war with Russia , or option number two: make sure that a country that is acting so contrary to international law would pay the price for what it did,” he said. head of the White House.

In turn, President Putin expressed his readiness to take the most decisive measures in the event of a threat to the country 's security. “The top officials of the leading NATO countries allow aggressive statements against our country , therefore I order the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff to transfer the containment forces of the Russian army to a special mode of combat duty,” the President of Russia said .

The loud statement of the Russian leader received a great response in the world . Leading world powers condemned Russia 's statements . Thus, Japan, which itself suffered as a result of nuclear bombings in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, noted that the world would not allow the appearance of new victims of nuclear weapons. Of course, everyone was waiting for a separate statement from the United States - the host country of NATO , a country that occupies a special position in the structure of the alliance.

At the next press conference, Joe Biden negatively answered the question about the existence of a nuclear threat from Russia. In turn, White House press secretary Jen Psaki deciphered the president's words.

“America has no reason to change the level of alarm in connection with the increase in the level of readiness of the Russian deterrence forces. Neither the United States nor NATO has a desire to conflict with Russia ,” she stressed.

Probability of war due to Russian special operation in Ukraine in 2022

Recall: the prehistory of the current conflict with the West is the current events in Ukraine. Speaking from the very beginning , it was precisely the course towards European integration, the desire to join the EU and NATO that launched the processes of the country's rapprochement with Europe and the United States. In turn, Russia, as the closest eastern neighbor of Ukraine, immediately expressed its rejection of such prospects.

“We cannot but be concerned about the prospect of a possible admission of Ukraine to NATO, because this, of course, will be followed by the deployment of appropriate military contingents, bases and weapons that threaten us. And it would be criminal inaction on our part to watch without will what is happening there,” Putin said.

Vladimir Vladimirovich stressed that the Russian Federation has the right to protect its security in the medium and long term. The eastern regions of Ukraine, the territories of Donbass and Luhansk, have shown commitment to Russian interests. The country actually split - the eastern lands began to demand secession from Ukraine because of their unwillingness to follow the process of European integration. The situation worsened in 2014, when, as a result of a referendum, Crimea and Sevastopol joined Russia.

Since that moment, for eight whole years, the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (DPR and LPR) have been waging a real war with the armed forces of Ukraine, as well as the military from neo-fascist formations that have joined them (Right Sector, the Azov battalion, etc.) . The civilian population of Donbass was subjected to shelling and bombing - Russian federal channels carefully covered the course of the military conflict and showed footage of the destroyed and affected cities. During the eight years of the war in the Donbas, more than 5,000 people died, including more than 90 children.

The appeal of the DPR and LPR for military assistance to Russia became a trigger in an already tense political situation. The Russian Federation decided to support Donetsk and Lugansk, and completed the procedure for recognizing the republics. And on February 24, she launched a special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine, which caused a wave of indignation from the entire world community. NATO countries sharply condemned Russia's policy, several packages of sanctions immediately arrived from the West , which today have greatly shaken the country's economy. Will this confrontation start World War III? This issue is the most important on the political agenda of the world today.

Expert opinions on a possible Third World War

Now hundreds of experts, political scientists, historians, political technologists, statesmen, journalists are discussing possible scenarios for the development of the situation. Talk shows with the participation of prominent political experts are held daily on federal channels; you can follow the speeches of experts on YouTube channels, social networks, etc.

Here is how the well-known economist, State Duma deputy Mikhail Delyagin speaks about the possibility of the start of the Third World War :

“There will be no big war, with the greatest degree of probability. There is a real threat of a local military conflict, because the shock group that the Ukrainian Nazis gathered in front of the Donbass is not going anywhere. She stays that way. Everything combat-ready that is in Ukraine is pulled into one fist, heavy weapons too. But this conflict will remain local. Why won't it be global, why shouldn't we be afraid of a world war? Because the scale of military destruction, which is necessary from the point of view of the economy, from the point of view of the current economic crisis, is not achieved by military methods ... The real task of fomenting a crisis around Ukraine for the West is the elimination of France and Germany as the economic centers of the modern world.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Third World War, if it inevitably breaks out, will be nuclear and destructive. He also added that the President of the United States is an experienced person and does not allow such a possibility, and therefore he is fighting by the method of sanctions .

“The military operation in Ukraine , including in Kiev, is aimed at disarming Ukraine . Russia will not allow Ukraine to obtain nuclear weapons,” the minister said.

The position of the American president is also shared by the North Atlantic bloc NATO . Thus, the alliance refused the Ukrainian leadership 's request to close the sky over the country. The Prime Minister of Great Britain said that he was unable to provide a no-fly zone over Ukraine , as this would inevitably lead to a direct clash with Russia. Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stressed that NATO would not send troops to Ukraine to counter the forces of the Russian Federation, carrying out a military special operation.

How to be civilians during hostilities?

First of all, even before the start of hostilities, it is necessary to ensure the evacuation of civilians to safe cities or regions. So, since February 18, the DPR and LPR began to evacuate civilians from among women, the elderly and children to Russia. Almost 130 people were taken out of Donbass and Lugansk, they were received in 21 regions of the Russian Federation, having organized 252 temporary accommodation centers. Today, all of them are provided with everything necessary thanks to the humanitarian assistance provided by local residents. The children went to study in Russian schools.

But, of course, not everyone wants to leave their homes and stay in cities and villages, putting themselves at risk every day. What are these citizens to do? What alternative do they have ?

First of all, experts advise, it is not necessary to go out unnecessarily, especially at night. If the need arose, then you do not need to wear green-colored things that can be mistaken for camouflage, and, accordingly, a person for a military man. Also, do not wear bright and expensive things that attract attention.

When leaving, be sure to take an alarm case with you - it should be assembled in the corner. It must contain documents, medicines for first aid in case of injury, communication equipment, matches, a flashlight, warm clothes, dishes, dry food.

Learn the minimum set of phrases in the opponent's language. For example, “I am a civilian”, “I have no weapons”, “children are waiting for me at home”, etc. Soldiers must understand that you are not a threat to them.

How to behave if you are captured?

The main thing, experts say, is not to try to run away, make sudden movements, show aggression. This can anger the enemy, and he may react inappropriately. You need to try to remain calm - use breathing practice (deep breathing with the stomach) to calm down a little and calm the panic. You need to prepare to spend some time without food and water, optimally expend energy - do not move a lot, but do not lie still, so as not to maintain muscle tone. Distract the brain, remember poems, books, solve examples in your mind. The main thing is to keep the mind alive and hope for a speedy release.

How to survive after a nuclear explosion?

As you know, a nuclear war will not leave anything alive behind - this is speaking in a global sense. If we are talking about point bombing with nuclear warheads, then there are chances, albeit illusory, for survival. To do this, you need to be at least 5 kilometers from the epicenter of a nuclear explosion, experts write, in order to avoid the force of the shock wave.

And even then - not in an open area, but in a deep bunker, or at least in the basement. You need to stay here as long as possible, because the explosion brings with it all-pervading radiation, which will stay in the air for a very long time. You should get out of the shelter in a protective suit made of rubber material or any dense fabric. Having reached the water - whether it is a bathroom in a house or a natural reservoir, you need to thoroughly wash yourself and change clothes.

Vanga's predictions about the start of the third world war in 2022?

People who are inclined to believe in a hoax claim that the current military conflict was predicted by the Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga. Today, observing terrible events, many of those who met Vanga - journalists, artists, statesmen - begin to remember what the clairvoyant told them then.

So, one journalist from Donetsk remembered that Vanga told him about the earth, black with blood. Like, a neighbor will beat a neighbor, and a lot of blood will be shed. Also, journalist Sergei Kostornoy published another previously unknown prophecy by Vanga.

“Gunpowder will come - unleash a war. Then the green ruler will come - cheerful, everyone will like it, but he will lead the people almost into slavery ... he will do a terrible thing, he will tear his homeland to pieces, the people will divide, the faith of people will change, ”the seer prophesied.

Today it is already clear that the “Gunpowder” refers to Petro Poroshenko, and the “green cheerful ruler” is Vladimir Zelensky, a former actor and humorist.

When asked when it would all end, Vanga did not answer. But she said that "peace will still come when the younger brother yields to the older".