Posted 14 марта 2022,, 09:37

Published 14 марта 2022,, 09:37

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Models also cry: sanctions have deprived pornstars of Russia and Belarus of earnings

Models also cry: sanctions have deprived pornstars of Russia and Belarus of earnings

14 марта 2022, 09:37
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Russian and Belarusian porn models were left without money and subscribers due to the events in Ukraine

The OnlyF... web resource closed Russian models access to their accounts. Payments to porn industry workers living in Russia have been suspended. Models from Belarus also fell under similar sanctions.

At the end of February, the British portal OnlyF... blocked the accounts of Russian girls, forbidding them to withdraw money, despite the fact that for many it was the only way to earn money. The same thing happened with the models from Belarus. The management of OnlyF... explained that this measure was taken because of the events in Ukraine, although at the same time it acknowledged that neither Russian nor Belarusian models are personally responsible for this, and the decision was provoked by sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus and the inability to find a stable way to transfer money to Russian and Belarusian models.

Moreover, it turned out that it is no longer possible to subscribe to porn stars until the sanctions are lifted. At the same time, representatives of the service reassured the girls, promising that the money they had accumulated would remain on their balance sheet until the situation “resolved”.

The porn stars themselves took this news with hostility. So, for example, the model, under the nickname _Black_way, writes in her blog:

“We were all blocked from our platforms or deprived of the opportunity to receive income from them just because we are Russian. I'm from Russia. And I'm an artist, not a military man with weapons. I want to keep doing my art and make people around me happy, not fight”.

Another kitty porn star told The Daily Beast: “Right now I don’t have the money to buy food or pay rent. That being said, I have participated in several protests since I moved to Moscow three years ago”.

The model under the nickname Evenink_cosplay says: “Thank you for banning me, a girl from Belarus, from your platform. Now I've lost my job, I can't buy food and pay my rent. At the same time, people who really participate in the war have no problems, and models and cosplayers cannot work and earn income. Thank you for these "real actions".

True, The Daily Beast adds that after these complaints, access to money was temporarily restored. OnlyFans management stated, "…accounts will be fully functional as long as we have payment methods to support them".

How long this will last remains to be seen.