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Published 15 марта 2022,, 08:56

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"Don't be jealous!" Social networks assessed the act of Marina Ovsyannikova differently

"Don't be jealous!" Social networks assessed the act of Marina Ovsyannikova differently

15 марта 2022, 08:56
The appearance of an employee of Channel One on the air of the Vremya program with a poster caused a flurry of conjectures and interpretations even in the camp of the Russian opposition.

Incredible by today's standards, the event that took place live is not discussed today only by the lazy. Recall that the channel's editor Marina Ovsyannikova appeared in the frame behind the back of the TV program "Time" Yekaterina Andreyeva with a poster. Later, a video message from Ovsyannikova, recorded before this act, appeared on the network.

Ovsyannikova competed with Simonyan herself

The fate of Ovsyannikova, who was detained by the police immediately after this action, is still unknown - they searched for her all night and the lawyers could not find her. Presumably, she was in the duty room of the Ostankino television center, but she never got in touch. Lawyer Daniil Berman said that a criminal case could be initiated against Marina Ovsyannikova. He made such a conclusion on the basis of the data received by him. Which article is being decided now. “Probably, in the morning Ovsyannikova will be arrested on charges of committing an administrative offense for 15 days, and she will be placed in a special detention center, and upon release she will be detained again, after which she will be charged with a crime”, - he told Russian channels.

Marina Ovsyannikova’s husband, RT director Igor Ovsyannikov, told reporters “I don’t know anything” and hung up. Marina with two children has recently lived separately from him, in a cottage village in New Moscow.

She began her career as Marina Tkachuk and at the beginning of the 2000s she was the star of the Kuban State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. She studied journalism at the Kuban State University - around the same years as Margarita Simonyan, who responded to this event like this:

Regarding the incident on Channel One and the rumors surrounding his 'heroine', I have the following to say.

  1. This can happen with every edition. We, the editorial staff, do not set up outdoor surveillance for our employees, do not listen to their phones, and in general are not paramilitary organizations with regular lie detector checks, etc.
  2. Marina Ovsyannikova is indeed the ex-wife of one of our directors. They have been divorced for a long time and live different lives. Quite different, as it turns out.
  3. Now the fun part. If Ovsyannikova is really, as they say, Marina Tkachuk, then I remember her very well. As they again write, she was not my classmate, but she was an almost all-powerful favorite of the almost all-powerful director of the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company 'Kuban' Runov, and it was because of her that he fiercely resisted my appointment as a staff correspondent of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company for the Krasnodar Territory, tk. read her to this place.

That's how it is in life".

We do not need heroism, but honest journalistic work

Surprisingly, this out of the ordinary case not only did not unite Russian opponents of the events in Ukraine, but, on the contrary, split them even more, which, of course, testifies to the bizarre features of the Russian consciousness.

Journalist Irina Timakova writes, for example, with open resentment: “That is, a girl from Channel 1, who has matured to an act (brave, I won’t say anything) after FIG knows how many years of lies and filthy brains - a big hero of the Soviet Union. And the mass of journalists who have been working all these years on Echo, on Dozhd, in Meduza, in 7x7, in Novaya, finally realizing that at any moment either they or the entire publication will be closed - did they go out for a walk? In principle, I can not stand any heroism. But you either work as a journalist, or you lie recklessly.

She was supported by Gella Dibman: “I agree. There is no heroism. There is an attempt to jump off a sinking ship in order to somehow escape. And to be saved means to finally tell yourself and others the truth. This is exactly what she herself says. I'm afraid it's already too late... Nevertheless, this is a good omen, the beginning of the end. First went, who's next for the title of "hero" of the day?"

Network analyst Kirill Poltevsky does not believe in Ovsyannikova's repentance: “Well, another sweet story about the heroism of a repentant propagandist who jumped out on the air, in the Vremya program with an anti-war poster, went into action. Now she can't be found anywhere. And, of course, it is already clear to all lovers of tearful intellectual stories: "She was kidnapped by the KGB and taken to the Gulag."

Listen, it doesn’t occur to anyone that this whole story is needed only to show that TV really seems to be broadcasting live. And that, as if everything is there - live. And that nothing is cut out. After all, if everything was edited there, then this “heroine” would not be able to accomplish her feat! So, now it's been proven. There is no editing. And there everything is true, as it is.

Haven't thought about this? Do not know. All these current stories of repentance always arouse suspicions in me. Now they are just a mass.”

They explained Ovsyannikova's act with a feeling of envy, arguing that she dreamed of becoming a TV presenter, but vegetated as a secondary editor, so she decided to become famous in such an unusual way.

Ovsyannikova's act was initiated by the Kremlin to fire Ernst

But the most surprising thing is that many saw conspiracy theories in Ovsyannikova’s act: they say, on orders from the Kremlin, she discredited the editor-in-chief of Channel 1, Konstantin Ernst, who could not cope with his propaganda tasks and is now doomed to dismissal.

This post of a certain Skorobogatov has already been widely distributed on social networks: “I read with horror all these orgasmic delights about Marina Ovsyannikova (nee Tkachuk) - the feeling that people have gone crazy. She is a saint! She will save the world! Citizens, are you quite already? Do you seriously think that this 42-year-old single woman with two children, after 20 years of work in the state media, SUDDENLY realized that she was "engaged in Kremlin propaganda" and she SUDDENLY "felt ashamed"? At our age, it is already indecent to be SO naive. Not-at-personal-but!

In short, according to information from Ernst’s office, from where he was taken away, accompanied by the FSB, to Staraya Square, Ovsyannikova was imprisoned under his dismissal ... Aunt Marina was promised millions and a career for this demarche (for 20 years with her model data, she has not achieved anything - city editor , below only the editors of titles, and above - her classmate Margarita Simonyan). Efforts are zero (they drew a wall newspaper), and the effect is cosmic. The issue with Ernst has been resolved: a well-known person will take his place. Most likely, at the beginning of summer - in the dead season. In the meantime, Konstantin Lvovich will work.

I wonder in what capacity and where exactly will Marina Ovsyannikova turn out? While she was threatened by the administration. Well, it's so that everyone thinks that it was she herself who, as a sign of protest, staged an "unsuccessful single picket", as the employees of Channel One themselves call this performance...


This information has no100% guarantee, of course, but everything is close to reality...

Not all of Ukraine believed in her honesty

The Ukrainians themselves also reacted differently to the act of the Russian journalist. Journalist Dmitry Klein believes that this is normal: “You know, the fact that Ukrainians do not believe in the sincerity of Ovsyannikova is completely understandable and absolutely normal - she is on the other side, there is no question. But the way the Russians unanimously rush to mix it with shit - moreover, which is typical - both those who are against the war and those who are for the "special operation" - this is indicative.

Another clear and revealing symptom of chtonium poisoning is cynicism, a complete inability to believe in the sincerity of human feelings..."

True, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky himself highly appreciated her demarche: “I am grateful to the Russians who do not stop trying to convey the truth. To those who are not afraid to protest, while your country has not yet closed itself off from the whole world. You must fight, you must not lose your chance".

Ovsyannikova first of all thought about the fate of her children

Many, as expected, supported Marina Ovsyannikova. Thus, journalist Danila Galperovich called her a man of incredible, outstanding courage: “She was fully aware of what she was doing, and therefore she recorded a video message. There were always few such people - what she did is comparable to the action of dissidents on Red Square in August 1968. Huge thanks to her and deep bow”.

Economist Andrey Nechayev was even shorter: “Deep respect! I probably wouldn't be able to…”

Lawyer Yulia Nikolayeva sharply condemned those who spoke out against Ovsyannikova: “Well, it’s like we’ve gone astray. Even Marina Ovsyannikova was accused of staging. For a simple honest and courageous act. Apparently, too honest and too brave, that it is easier to believe in an inspired action than in ordinary human decency. Perhaps it is difficult for us to believe in the desperate courage of this woman just because we perfectly understand what she is risking?

Well-known TV presenter Stanislav Kucher called for objectivity: “Quite predictably, doubts and versions appeared - up to a possible global staging in order to whitewash propagandists in advance and / or shift the focus from the war in Ukraine to what is happening in Russia.

In the era of the triumph of the legendary "In our time, you can not trust anyone, even yourself!" this is normal (although he no longer talks about Marina, but about us). In any case, we will soon find out the whole truth - this is also a sign of a new informational reality.

It may turn out that everything is simple, no conspiracy theories, and we really witnessed the act of one brave girl who realized that it was impossible to go on like this and decided to change the world. Maybe it turns out she wasn't alone. I do not rule out anything at all - we are convinced that in our world, unlike cinema, absolutely everything is possible that is beyond the laws of logic and beyond any fantasy.

The political scientist Abbas Gallyamov responded extremely succinctly to the persecutors of Ovsyannikova: “Do not be jealous!”