Posted 15 марта 2022,, 20:56

Published 15 марта 2022,, 20:56

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Potapenko: "China can buy up the entire industry of Russia for nothing and devour us"

15 марта 2022, 20:56
Economist, businessman Dmitry Potapenko, on the air of Michael Nucky's YouTube channel, told when to expect "obvious disappearance" of goods in Russian stores, and also explained why China "won't help us".

“Now, on the 14th (the video was released yesterday, March 14 - noted by "NI"), I would say that there are not so many changes yet. It's just too early for a purely technological reason, to be honest.

Therefore, this disappearance and those rises in prices that exist, they really are so far of such a chaotic character.

Because there are still goods that are present in commodity-forming chains, and this applies not only to food, but also to clothes, electronics and everything else.

The longer the product is in demand, the longer it will be on the counter.

Electronics stores will be the most filled, and clothing stores, too, even if a default occurs, conditional, the fullness of these stores will be the best.

Another thing is that they will disappear faster, let's say. Because there the goods will play like a stone on Mumu's neck, he will pull right away. You have to pay for it in new money, in a new currency, but this currency simply does not exist physically. So every supply chain has a different cycle.

As for food (chains), if we are talking now, then the disappearance of certain goods is still hysterical in nature, with a corresponding increase in prices.

The main changes will be no earlier than April 10-20. Up to this point, the chain is still moving, as it were.

Deliveries have already been stopped, there are no containers, and the key story is logistics.

And logistics is not only transport, logistics is such a great science that everyone, for the most part, neglected. I talked about three types of logistics all the time. And here they are, in fact, the first, burst on February 23-24.

Those who are more or less in the subject understand that Maersk - it is one of these companies, but just on everyone's lips - refuses to deliver any goods to the territory of the Russian Federation, unless it is a "humanitarian aid".

... They say, cheers, we will now supply everything from China. We now have this jingoistic patriotism, but this, in my opinion, is jingoistic betrayal.

But the Chinese are now deploying containers and vehicles at the border no worse than their European counterparts.

Hope for China is not justified at all.

China in this fight, in general, of course, the beneficiary. He is next to us. Here, at his side, he has some absolutely small, from the point of view of the economy, power, in which there are many industries, including those competing with the Chinese, and the stock market that has ceased to exist.

And this means that private companies need to execute a huge number of old investment programs that have to be paid for.

Therefore, China can buy absolutely the entire industry of the Russian Federation for a pittance, as they say, through the efforts of one fund, and either close it or completely redesign it so as not to create competition for itself and, thereby, strengthen its position in conversations with the States.

So China is the beneficiary. But this is in one part of the Marlezon ballet.

Putting something here is pretty pointless. This is where China can get more sanctions, internal and external.

So China needs to wait. Time is on China's side.

Everyone is counting on China to help us. And I say that China will not help, but will devour. And it will be absolutely right in this paradigm: we ourselves put food into the throat of this dragon, and even move its jaws.”

You can listen to the entire conversation with Dmitry Potapenko here.