Posted 15 марта 2022,, 06:51

Published 15 марта 2022,, 06:51

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The intelligentsia of Ukraine demands to “close” Russian culture

15 марта 2022, 06:51
More than three and a half thousand Ukrainian cultural figures have addressed a statement to all the cultural institutions of the world.

According to all the laws of the genre, events in Ukraine are developing not only in the practical, that is, military, area, but no less hotly - in the field of propaganda. The parties are exchanging devastating information blows on all fronts. The information war has already led to sad consequences: in Western countries, the abolition of cultural events in any way connected with Russia is rampant. However, this did not seem enough to the Ukrainian side, and it demanded that all Russian culture be removed from everyday life.

Pretend that Russian culture does not exist

More than three and a half thousand famous Ukrainian writers, artists, musicians and other cultural figures signed and published a letter with the following content (there is hardly any doubt that this demand was formulated in response to letters signed by many of their Russian colleagues in support of the special operation in Ukraine):

For the sake of Ukraine, as well as upholding and preserving the principles of peace and order, we call on the international cultural community:

1. Cancel all projects with the participation of the Russian Federation, including projects implemented with Russian money.

2. Suspend the activities of all Russian cultural centers located in partner countries.

3. Withdraw Russian citizens from supervisory boards and cultural associations, cancel sponsorship, stop organizational support.

4. Prohibit Russians from participating in international competitions (for example, a ban on Eurovision), as well as participating in international exhibitions, forums and other cultural events, including:

a) exhibitions and fairs of contemporary art, such as the Venice Biennale, Art Basel, Documenta, etc.

b) Cannes Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival and other prestigious film festivals.

c) Salzburg Festival, Avignon Festival, Arena di Verona Festival and other music and theater festivals.

d) international book fairs, including the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair, etc.

5. Stop covering Russian culture in the media.

6. Get out of partnerships with all artists and artists who openly support Russian President Vladimir Putin and his actions, as was already the case with the Munich Philharmonic, La Scala Theater in Milan, the Royal Opera House in London and a number of other theaters. companies.

We, Ukrainian artists and cultural figures, highly appreciate the position of some Russian cultural figures who openly condemned Russian aggression and military actions against Ukraine. Art has always been at the forefront of humanitarian values. We firmly believe that culture cannot serve political propaganda, but should be used to develop critical thinking and dialogue.

The Russian Federation is a pariah state. Russian culture used as propaganda is toxic! Don't be an accomplice!"

This is stupidity!

This letter provoked a negative reaction from Russian cultural figures, and especially from those who oppose the special operation:

The well-known documentary filmmaker Vitaly Mansky urges not to confuse “state culture” with normal: “I asked my Ukrainian colleagues the question, what is a “Russian film” from their point of view? There is no clear answer. Despite the fact that I personally believe that for a film created with state and near state money, this statement is true. On Sorokin or Akunin, for example, is this a Russian writer?

Artist Vladimir Dubossarsky also considers this treatment unfair:

“Well, if colleagues do not see the difference between Tolokonnikova and Baskov and Gergiev, then ok. Clearly this letter is an emotional gesture.

On my own behalf, I will add that contemporary art in the Russian Federation has existed for many years under the pressure of censorship and persecution. And no one knows it better than us. So it's not fair, but it doesn't even matter now. And there is no doubt that the sanctions against the Russian Federation of artists will be by default, the overall responsibility will have to be borne.”

Writer Alina Vitukhnovskaya is sure that this is a purely opportunistic statement:

“The idea of common responsibility, and in such a radical form, is neo-Bolshevism on a global scale. People are different. I did not delegate to the state of the Russian Federation in its current form to express my position in any way, to represent my interests. In general, all this looks like opportunism on the verge of a foul under the guise of a "civil position""

Cinematographer Oleg Kozyrev simply called this letter stupidity:

"Stupid letter. They admit that culture has an anti-war voice, and immediately they demand that this voice be strangled. It doesn't matter what nationality. It is important who is against wars. This letter helps wars ... "

To match other comments, which set out a completely fair idea: this statement not only does not contribute to reconciliation, but, on the contrary, will give rise to a new round of propaganda confrontation:

- This is just a gift to the Russian state propaganda, which already yells about "Russophobia". It would be fine, let it yell, but they were using it to justify and whitewash their "special operation". Here, they say, look how they hate us, it means that we are doing everything right.