Posted 16 марта 2022,, 08:44

Published 16 марта 2022,, 08:44

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Question of the Day: what Constitution do "undesirable persons" fit into?

16 марта 2022, 08:44
Наташа Киселёва
The State Duma of the Russian Federation proposed to spread the concept of "undesirable person" and prohibit Russians who criticize the actions of the authorities from returning to the country.

Natasha Kiselyova, writer

Well, that is, translated from the now popular Newspeak, what do we have? That's right, the return of the concept of "enemy of the people".

“This is not a deprivation of citizenship and, therefore, does not violate the Constitution of the Russian Federation. But it allows you to temporarily close entry into the country for citizens who have left it and are engaged in activities abroad that are detrimental to our state. And you don't have to lose your citizenship. Let them exercise their civil rights to a pension, fees, voting in elections, nomination as a candidate for the Moscow City Duma, etc. at the appropriate consulate. We must get used to the fact that since the borders in the world are closed from that side, it means that they are not open to everyone from this side either”, - say the authors of this constitutional initiative.

Especially for them, some boring information. Article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation:

“Everyone is guaranteed freedom of thought and speech. Propaganda or agitation that incite social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity are not allowed".

Freedom of speech and thought, for those who are now in a literal tank, is to think and say what you see fit. In no Constitution of the world does a citizen have an obligation to praise the authorities. Citizenship is not a political obligation, not a noose around the neck, not shackles, and not even an eyesore. Citizenship PROVIDES protection, security and rights to the citizen. The state serves the citizen, and not vice versa.

Deputies, aerate your heads!