Posted 17 марта 2022, 06:45

Published 17 марта 2022, 06:45

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Moldovan President Maia Sandu demanded that Russia withdraw troops from Transnistria

17 марта 2022, 06:45
Moldovan leader Maia Sandu demanded that Russia immediately withdraw troops from Transnistria, saying that Moscow has a significant role in everything related to the Transnistrian conflict.

"Moldova has always said clearly that Russia has a significant role in the Transnistrian conflict, from its inception to everything that is happening to this day. We ask for the withdrawal of the Russian military, we ask for the elimination of ammunition in the warehouses of the Left Bank, we are in favor of a peaceful solution to the conflict”, - Sandu said.

On March 15, PACE adopted an amendment to the document on the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. But Transnistria is recognized as a zone of Russian occupation. Vice Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Vlad Batryncha said at a briefing that PACE is thus drawing the country into the Ukrainian conflict.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie considers the wording of the PACE about the Russian occupation destructive.