Posted 17 марта 2022,, 15:35

Published 17 марта 2022,, 15:35

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Russian paratroopers set up roadblocks in the Kiev region

Russian paratroopers set up roadblocks in the Kiev region

17 марта 2022, 15:35
The Ministry of Defense set up checkpoints of the Airborne Forces on roads in the Kiev region of Ukraine in order to ensure the safety of civilians and military personnel who move along public roads in the region.

“The Airborne Forces units have begun to serve at checkpoints, ensuring the safety of the passage of military columns and the safety of movement on public roads for residents of settlements in the Kiev region”, - RIA Novosti quotes a message from the Ministry of Defense.

The task of the checkpoints is also to "identify and detain sabotage groups of Ukrainian nationalists", - RBC notes.

The Ministry of Defense claims that saboteurs, disguised as ordinary residents, attack refugees in civilian cars who are trying to leave Kyiv on their own or through humanitarian corridors. Refugees are dying due to attacks and shelling of columns of civilians by the Ukrainian military. So, on March 17, four people became victims of the shelling of a civilian convoy.

The military special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine was launched on February 24. Its goal, Russian President Vladimir Putin, defined the "denazification" of the republic. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation promised not to strike at peaceful targets, but during the operation there were casualties among the civilian population. According to the WHO and the UN, we are talking about hundreds of dead civilians.

Vladimir Putin urged not to consider what is happening as an “occupation”, however, Western countries accused the Russian authorities of military aggression and imposed sanctions against Russia, the consequences of which have been shaking the Russian economy for several weeks.