Posted 17 марта 2022, 07:13

Published 17 марта 2022, 07:13

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The price of getaway cars increased by 15-32%

17 марта 2022, 07:13
Фото: 1MI
"Running" cars of popular brands in Russia have risen in price by 15-32% within two weeks.

As follows from the data of a study conducted by Bankavto experts, cited by RIA Novosti, the average price of Mercedes-Benz cars is now 2.52 million rubles, having risen by 32%. BMW has risen in price by the same amount - up to 3.49 million rubles. Toyota - by 28% - up to 2.91 million rubles.

The price of used Nissan increased by 25% - up to 1.45 million rubles, for Kia - up to 1.55 million, having risen by 25%, Skoda added 24% in price - up to 1.43 million rubles, Volkswagen - up to 1.67 million rubles, having risen in price by 24%, Hyundai added 21% - up to 1.45 million rubles, Ford - up to 1.12 million rubles, adding 18%, and domestic Lada closes the top ten, which now costs, on average, 388 thousand rubles, having risen in price by 15%.

Recall that some international automobile concerns have suspended their activities in the territory of the Russian Federation. AvtoVAZ, on the other hand, had a forced corporate vacation of employees ahead of schedule: due to the “crisis in the supply of electronic components and in order to prevent a significant reduction in earnings” of employees, they were sent on vacation not in July, but in April.

On March 5, the plant suspended the production of the Lada line due to a shortage of components. Bosch - the main contractor of microelectronics - has reduced its supplies against the backdrop of anti-Russian sanctions.