Posted 17 марта 2022, 08:05

Published 17 марта 2022, 08:05

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Who will take our tourists out of Mexico? Moscow has neither planes nor money for this.

17 марта 2022, 08:05
About 2,000 Russian tourists are "stuck" at the Mexican airport in Cancun. All flights to Moscow have been cancelled. The authorities of the state of Quintana Roo, realizing the difficult situation the Russians were in, decided to relocate people to shelters.

According to the Russian embassy in Mexico City, since March 10, tourists cannot pay for hotel accommodation and tickets for foreign airlines with Visa and Mastercard cards. Rubles, of course, no one needs. Aeroflot does not fly anywhere at all.

As the Russians themselves said, flying by “roundabout” routes through Istanbul is very expensive: if you have foreign currency, you will have to pay about 130 thousand rubles for a ticket. The travel time is at least 45 hours.

“Our flight from Cancun to Moscow on March 31 has been cancelled. The embassy does not have information about export flights. Our cards are blocked. Money is running out. Housing is provided until March 30th. After that we don't know what to do. Therefore, we ask Moscow to provide humanitarian assistance and organize export flights. This is necessary not only for us, but also for many Russian people who are stuck in Mexico, ”one family of Russian tourists complained to journalists over the phone.

The Rostourism hotline reported that on March 25, there might be an export flight by Aeroflot from Cancun to Moscow. But this information is yet to be confirmed.

Rostourism also emphasized that in any case, people need to register on the Gosuslugi portal and track information about flights there.

Due to the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, many countries have imposed sanctions on Russia. In particular, the closure of airspace was announced. On March 5, the Federal Air Transport Agency recommended that airlines with aircraft in foreign registries suspend flights from abroad from March 8.

Vice President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia Dmitry Gorin , quoted by the bfm, said that now there is a planned export from those countries that are available for travel. However, due to the limitation of international air traffic, the risk of aircraft arrest due to the lack of leasing agreements and insurance, flights to countries far from Russia are not yet possible.

"Only in the last few days, Aeroflot has carried out export flights from Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Sri Lanka. In Moscow, they are now deciding the issue of transferring passengers to another carrier, flights are ordered by charter companies. The turn will come to Mexico", - said Dmitry Gorin.