Posted 18 марта 2022, 07:13

Published 18 марта 2022, 07:13

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Improvement or denunciation? Muscovites receive letters with a request to “expose enemies”

18 марта 2022, 07:13
Фото: Соцсети
Residents of the capital are invited to collect signatures under a letter to the mayor about the improvement of the city, and at the same time report on their politically unreliable neighbors.
Moscow region

Russia is rapidly returning 90 years ago - to the years of Stalinist repressions, which took on a grandiose scale largely thanks to the citizens of the country themselves, who wrote denunciations against their neighbors, colleagues and even relatives. Something similar is being revived before our eyes, as evidenced by the publication of a Muscovite, whose name we will mention for security reasons:

“Last night, in every entrance and in the house chat, such a piece of paper appeared to collect mass signatures. Then it turned out that this piece of paper was half a block away. In the house chat, I saw THIS. The essence of the paper is a letter to the mayor with a request for landscaping and a complaint against persons who, in the author's opinion, hinder this landscaping. The main text there is really about landscaping, but one paragraph has been added, which I post here.

I do not believe that this is happening now with us. Moreover, I know the author of this letter very well. The author and I dealt with the problem of improvement together. We talked, made rounds of the territory together, drew plans, discussed what appeals and to whom it would be better to write. Then I left and THIS appeared.

Partially, they began to sign it, not really reading it. Well, the money from the budget will be given faster.

This time, we managed to draw the neighbors' attention to this paragraph, raise everyone's ears, and quickly remove it from the entrances. It hurts to watch us turn into beasts ourselves, and I don't know what to do about it".