Posted 21 марта 2022,, 16:42

Published 21 марта 2022,, 16:42

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Berlusconi organized a symbolic wedding with a 32-year-old girlfriend

Berlusconi organized a symbolic wedding with a 32-year-old girlfriend

21 марта 2022, 16:42
Фото: Daily Mail
The event looked like a real wedding, but in reality it was an imitation: the relatives of the former Italian prime minister do not support the idea of marrying a woman who in the future could claim his multibillion-dollar fortune.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi celebrated a kind of symbolic wedding to 32-year-old MP Marta Fashina over the weekend, reports the Daily Mail. The event was held at the historic Villa Gernetto near Milan and was a kind of declaration of love for a colleague in the Forza Italia party, who two years ago took him away from a previous girlfriend.

Fashina dressed up in a lace dress with a train and looked just like a bride, but, according to observers, she was extremely annoyed and offended that the event was just an ersatz wedding. Relatives of the 85-year-old politician, especially his five adult children, are categorically opposed to Berlusconi marrying Marta and thereby allowing her to claim a fortune of 6 billion euros in the future. The "wedding" was attended by 60 guests, including four children of the politician and his associates, including Matteo Salvini. Berlusconi sang a serenade and turned to Martha with a speech in which he called her "a gift from heaven".

The romance between the former prime minister and MP Fashina was brought to the fore in 2020, when his then-girlfriend Francesca Pascale revealed that she had caught her rival at his Milan villa. Fashina was born in a coastal city in southern Italy, graduated from the University of Rome with a degree in literature and philosophy, and worked as a press secretary for Milan football club. At that time, the club belonged to Berlusconi, and Fashina, as the Italian press wrote, quickly became a fan of both the team and its owner - she soon acquired a tattoo with the initials SB. At the same time, she began a political career in the party founded by Berlusconi and soon became a deputy from the Campania district. Two years ago, the politician left Francesca Pascale for the sake of a new girlfriend, with whom he spent 12 years together.

The last decade Berlusconi has been accompanied by scandals and health problems. In 2013, he was convicted of tax fraud and suspended from public office, was accused of embezzlement several times and is still on trial for bribing witnesses in a case of prostitution of minors. In 2016, he underwent major heart surgery, in 2000 he spoke about the victory over prostate cancer, and last year he miraculously survived after contracting the coronavirus.