Posted 23 марта 2022,, 08:45

Published 23 марта 2022,, 08:45

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TOP 5 actions from Igor Rybakov to overcome the crisis with the least losses

TOP 5 actions from Igor Rybakov to overcome the crisis with the least losses

23 марта 2022, 08:45
Well-known businessman Igor Rybakov named the TOP 5 actions that need to be taken in order to overcome the current crisis with the least losses.

“We have to admit that we are in a deep crisis. This crisis should be called the "deep as..". Then it's easier to take your ass off the chair and start doing something.

Anxiety intensifies. Look, if earlier everyone said: yes, let these Western companies that close factories and so on leave, that's it - these comments are becoming less and less.

One hundred thousand jobs have already been lost due to factory closures. This time.

Second, oil imports are declining. Critical technologies that are needed for oil production are generally leaving, American companies.

It turns out that we don’t own this either, my friends, so this all could undermine Russia’s ability to produce oil by 50%.

We are rolling back at least to the early 2000s, and maybe even further.

In fact, now a criminal act is to sit and say: "Everything will be resolved itself!".

No. It will not be resolved. Basically, everything in the world has changed. This whole situation leads us to the fact that there will be a complete total reboot”, - Igor Rybakov noted on his YouTube channel

So, here is what, according to the businessman, should be done at the state level in order to stabilize the situation, take it under control and move on to prosperity:

1. First: call on all people who want, want or can revive Russia. Stop saying that those who are now traveling around the world are traitors. This, I repeat once again, is a gold reserve temporarily placed in Brazil, in America, in China. All people who want and can participate in the revival of the country should be invited to take part in this.

2. Create the most attractive conditions for entrepreneurs. Release all those who are in prison for small and medium economic crimes. Necessarily. Call on all smugglers to fill the country with sanctioned goods that are not there, because of which people are suffering. So that they bring the necessary technologies. At the beginning of the last century, Russia was in complete ***, and then the NEP was announced - the new economic policy. And so in the 1920s, a new economic policy was announced - how symbolic, then, too, were the twenties, and now the 20s, only of a different century. Entrepreneurs should be given maximum freedom, to say: guys, our brothers, please help. Cancel all tax audits for entrepreneurs, provide loans as much as possible, etc. For entrepreneurs to rebuild the country.

3. Develop high technology. It is necessary to call on scientists as much as possible so that they “locate” everything that we lack. Like a nuclear bomb was once built. In fact, for you to know, everything in the world spreads something like this: somewhere someone spied, came to his country, says: I am a discoverer. Scientists, our little brothers, take, please, peep where there is something, bring it to the country, and the government and the country must support the scientists so that they can do all this. And give entrepreneurs these technologies, and entrepreneurs will build factories, create chips, and so on.

4. Reduce the maximum loan interest rate to 6%. At a rate of 6%, entrepreneurs, industries, businesses flourish; scientists are finally in demand because entrepreneurs are building factories based on new technologies. And the country is actively developing.

5. 100,000 rubles - this should be the minimum wage for each person. We will have a huge number of consumers - more than 100 million - who will have money and be able to buy goods. This is very important, the economy needs consumers who buy goods. This time. The second is dignity. What do you think, with what dignity does a person who earns 15,000 rubles live today? Can there be a strong country where people do not feel self-respect? Therefore, 100,000 rubles and more - that's what the wages should be, so that people feel worthy.

And here is what people need to do in order to survive and move on to prosperity:

  1. Retrain. Don't be afraid to retrain. If you don't know how to do something, learn it. Learn what the "grandmothers" pay for. Do not sit in what the "grandmothers" do not pay for.
  2. Do not be afraid to close an unprofitable business. If “grandmothers” don't pay for your product, product, service, and so on, close this business. Open another business. If your business has become a dead horse, shut it down, shoot it, bury that horse, that's it. Get yourself another horse to ride, change your business. Each mistake is, in general, not a mistake, it is just a trial. Thus, you will stumble upon a solution that will be for you, that will expand you, that will give you well-being.
  3. Speed. We need to act quickly. If yesterday you applied some solution, and today it no longer works, do not hold on to it, do not be consistent. Understandably? Otherwise, I see a lot of people who only find out in the exchange office that you can’t buy more dollars. I don't know who these people live among?
  4. Keep getting harder. If something starts to work out for you - a stall, trade, and so on, go further, increase the complexity. If you own any one profession and work in it, then hard times, bad times can come in this profession. For example, incomes have fallen. Why do you only have one job? Why not two, three or ten? People who have many abilities in different areas, they can "shift". If it became bad here, that's it, we “dim out” a little here, we leave here.

The most important moment for surviving in such times, in the opinion of Igor Rybakov, is to be relevant: "For this, you need to "spy" on how act the people who succeed in such situations, in very, very difficult, extraordinary ones, in which you have not been before".