Posted 24 марта 2022,, 06:39

Published 24 марта 2022,, 06:39

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A quarter of citizens are purchasing goods for a "rainy day"

A quarter of citizens are purchasing goods for a "rainy day"

24 марта 2022, 06:39
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Most Russians do not make purchases for the future, not wanting to panic, but 25% of citizens in recent weeks still tried to buy for future use.

As SuperJob analysts found out, to which RBC refers to the study, citizens over 45 years old are mainly buying up products “for a rainy day” - this turned out to be 27%. But Russians, whose income exceeds 80 thousand rubles, do it less often than others - 21%.

44% of buyers bought pasta, butter, sugar, salt, tea, coffee, flour and similar products for future use, 16% - household chemicals, 14% - personal hygiene items, 12% bought just their usual products.

At the same time, 10% , fearing a shortage and rise in price of medicines, purchased drugs, 8% simply bought “everything in a row”, 5% bought canned food and the same amount - goods for animals, 4% tried to buy clothes and shoes before the season, 3% leaned on purchase of cosmetics, components for cars and electronics and household appliances.

As for the shortage, we note that the residents of St. Petersburg are already paying attention to the lack of any medicines. So, in pharmacies there is a shortage of 34 items - due to the rush demand, as the townspeople began to urgently buy pills.

Earlier, representatives of insurance companies, fearing a shortage of spare parts, predicted a wave of hijackings in the country.

The government has repeatedly stated that the current shortage of certain goods is caused, first of all, by the hype among buyers who first buy up the goods, then see empty shelves and panic.