Posted 24 марта 2022,, 10:08

Published 24 марта 2022,, 10:08

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Russians have revised their attitude towards spending on clothes and Western brands

Russians have revised their attitude towards spending on clothes and Western brands

24 марта 2022, 10:08
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In 2022, almost half of Russian citizens plan to cut spending on clothing

This trend is evidenced by the results of a survey* conducted by the international logistics operator CDEK and the I Am Studio brand. More than half of Russians prefer clothes of foreign brands, but almost every second of them is ready to switch to brands of Russian designers.

Almost a third of Russians (31%) buy clothes once every 2-3 months, and more than a quarter (27%) - once a month. 15% - more than once a month, 13% - once every 3-6 months and the same number - once six months or less. Of the total number of respondents, 60% indicated that they plan to buy clothes less often in 2022 than now.

In 2021, two-thirds of those surveyed (67%) increased their clothing spending, while 13% cut it. Of those who increased spending on clothing, the majority (68%) attribute the increase in spending to the increase in clothing prices, while one in four (25%) began to buy it more often. Of the respondents who reduced spending on clothing, every second (50%) associated this with a revision of their lifestyle in favor of more responsible consumption, while 40% associated it with a rise in clothing prices and a desire to save money.

Now, for the relative majority of respondents (37%), one trip to the store for clothes costs up to 5 thousand rubles. The same number - 5-10 thousand rubles. 13% spend 10-15 thousand rubles during shopping. 7% - 15-20 thousand rubles. The same amount - from 20 thousand rubles.

Of the total number of respondents, almost half (47%) intend to cut clothing spending in 2022. Of these, three quarters (74%) - in connection with the expectation of rising prices. 58% (respondents could select more than one answer) plan to buy less clothes in 2022 than before, due to the “post-COVID” factor - the transition to a hybrid and remote work schedule and, accordingly, a decrease in the need for frequent wardrobe updates. 32% - due to large stocks of already available clothing.

The vast majority of Russians prefer to buy clothes in shopping centers (74%) and marketplaces (73%). 64% - in online stores. 11% - in clothing markets. Every tenth (10%) is in second-hand stores.

More than half of the respondents prefer clothes of foreign brands (54%). Almost a third - clothes of Russian designers (32%). Every tenth (10%) does not care about the country of origin. And 4% found it difficult to answer the question about the presence of fundamental preferences.

Respondents who prefer clothes from foreign brands were asked whether respondents would be ready to pay attention to clothes made in Russia / by Russian designers if the foreign brands they prefer have already left or will leave the Russian market. Almost half (47%) responded positively. 24% fundamentally do not want to consider Russian brands and 29% found it difficult to answer the question about their attitude to the clothes of Russian designers.

“Among CDEK's clients in the fashion segment, 15% are Russian brands. This figure will grow in the near future. We want and are ready to expand cooperation with local clothing and footwear brands. In the context of the exit from the Russian market of a large number of foreign stores, this is especially important, - says Anna Iospa, PR director of CDEK. — In Russia, both in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as in the regions, there are indeed many manufacturers of stylish and high-quality clothing, shoes and accessories, but until the last moment they remained in the shadow of Western chain retailers. We will be happy to help them tell about themselves and establish interaction with new customers».

* The survey was conducted from March 4 to March 14 among 2,483 Russians over 18 from all federal districts.