Posted 25 марта 2022,, 10:46

Published 25 марта 2022,, 10:46

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Alexander Peske: "In relation to the Russian Federation, censorship in Europe is total, all fakes are taken on faith with  hurray"

Alexander Peske: "In relation to the Russian Federation, censorship in Europe is total, all fakes are taken on faith with hurray"

25 марта 2022, 10:46
The founder of the Russian Switzerland publishing house, Alexander Peske, spoke on the ITON.TV YouTube channel about total censorship in Europe regarding coverage of events between Russia and Ukraine, and also spoke about how Europe treats refugees from Ukraine.

“Censorship is total. She is so-tal-na. The correspondent of our Swiss state television, who worked in Moscow, her name is Lucia Chirki, openly lied, carried heresy.

For the first time in my life, I wrote an official letter to television, to the debriefing department. After all, this is state television, which lives, including on my money.

And to my letter, which fit on one sheet of A4, they sent me a detailed answer to eight or nine pages.

In which there was boo-boo-boo, boo-boo-boo, and links, you know where? On Facebook.

That is, for the editorial office of the news television of the First State Channel, it considers it normal to refer to semi-anonymous sources from Facebook.

The Swiss media did not ignore a single fake - everything is accepted "one on one"!

The dead border guards of the Zmeiny Island, the bombed-out Babi Yar... Any stories that circulate and have already been exposed as fakes, here are taken on faith with hurray and are never refuted.

In programs about Russia, you will not see a single person who would voice the Russian point of view. Because a person who in our time somewhere in a public place says at least a little: “Guys, maybe we will think about it?” Will be stigmatized. And it will be considered that he is worse than a person with leprosy. It is impossible to listen to him or see him up close.

That's how long we lived in Europe.

Yesterday I was walking with a friend and went to a newsstand in Zurich.

There were newspapers, ranging from tabloid newspapers to the most intelligent newspapers for people who are accustomed to comprehend and organize everything they read.

So, on the entire counter - only one headline: "We are together against Putin."

... As for the refugees. The arrival of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in Europe is perceived, one might say, as a bonus.

They immediately - in Germany, Switzerland and in a number of other countries are assigned such a status, the following document is issued: S.

According to this status, they legally stay in the European Union for three years. They receive a welfare package, housing, health insurance, and so on.

The fact is that the same Germany annually needs 200-300 thousand qualified employees.

Ukrainians who are white, Christian, hardworking, easy to integrate, learn European languages are seen in Europe as a bonus.

Europe will not let these people go back to Ukraine.

Therefore, Ukrainians will be received very well here.

And people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan ... They are perceived with a somewhat heavy sediment. But what to do - we cannot send any of them home from Europe. One way or another, they settle with us, here.

But let's not mix these two substances in one cocktail.

Ukrainians in Europe are perceived well as Europeans who will perfectly dilute our gene pool.

And those guys are less interesting to us”.

You can watch the full interview with Alexander Peske here.