Posted 25 марта 2022, 09:44

Published 25 марта 2022, 09:44

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American mercenary Hieu Le: “I got scared and decided to leave Ukraine”

25 марта 2022, 09:44
After spending almost a day on the road across Ukraine in search of the body of his comrade who died near Irpen, Hieu Le decided that his war was over. The US Army veteran left the foreign legion of mercenaries forever.

Hyeu told journalists of the US Marine Corps Task & Purpose about his short stay in Ukraine. According to him, it became known that he served as a member of the M1 tank crew from 2010 to 2017, and in 2012 he fought in Afghanistan. Then fate brought him to Eastern Europe.

Last Monday evening, Le was on his way to western Ukraine, along with wounded comrades and other international volunteers who had retired. He was leaving the war zone, where he arrived only two weeks ago.

“I’m embarrassed to leave so quickly, but have you ever encountered something so creepy and heartbreaking that you don’t have the strength to continue? This is exactly what happened to me”, - he admitted to reporters.

His departure coincided with upheavals in the international legion, where foreigners sign up to fight the Russians. According to the publication, the officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine suddenly “rejected” the first of the foreigners who arrived, because they showed themselves cowardly on the battlefield.

According to one of the generals of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who did not want to give his name, now the Ukrainians have wised up - they are trying to select among the mercenaries only those who have already gone through fire and water, real "soldiers of fortune", especially snipers.

As for Le, according to him, upon arrival in Lviv, he was settled with volunteers who pretended to be former special forces. They clearly lacked discipline and professionalism.

“They are all sitting there on amphetamines, steroids, and who knows what other drugs, because smuggling flows into the war zone like a river,” the mercenary said. “Ukrainian officers either turn a blind eye to everything, or are unable to prevent it”.

The campaign for the corpse of a fallen comrade turned out to be the most painful experience in the entire military career of Hieu Le. The body was found in the rear of the Russians, the American wrote down the name, passport number and date of death of a comrade on a piece of cardboard, which they attached to the victim. Then the fighters of the special group had to drag him back to their positions, including along improvised boardwalks past the Ukrainian troops.

According to the veteran, after the assignment, he wept inconsolably for ten whole minutes, trying to regain his composure. This was the end of his assistance to the Ukrainians.

“During the time I spent in Ukraine, I survived cruise missile strikes, constant shelling and raids on hostile territory, cold to the bone, illness, hunger and agony when I had to pull the dead from the battlefield”, - Le wrote on the network. - I have it all in the liver. I believe that I have made my contribution, and I am pleased that I did more than others.

It is known that in addition to official assistance through the military departments, Western countries contribute to sending military mercenaries from numerous PMCs to Ukraine in the conflict zone. The number of these "dogs of war" fighting against Russia is measured in thousands.

It is interesting that citizens from Latvia and Lithuania were the first to “light up” in the Donbass. The fact is that a training base for biathletes has remained in the Baltic States since Soviet times, which, after the collapse of the USSR, “adapted to sniper work for hire”.

“The Baltic witches are cruel and unprincipled creatures,” the members of the foreign legion in Ukraine are amazed. “They can torture a victim for hours, they can injure a woman or a teenager without hesitation, so that the military rushes to the aid of the wounded and exposes themselves to bullets”.