Posted 25 марта 2022,, 10:00

Published 25 марта 2022,, 10:00

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The Russian army destroyed the largest fuel base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kiev (VIDEO)

The Russian army destroyed the largest fuel base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kiev (VIDEO)

25 марта 2022, 10:00
Фото: Скриншот из видео Минобороны
Servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces with Kalibr sea-launched cruise missiles attacked a fuel base in the village of Kalinovka near Kiev.

According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the strike with precision weapons was carried out on the evening of March 24.

“The largest of the remaining fuel bases of the armed forces of Ukraine, from which fuel was supplied to military units in the central part of the country, was destroyed”, - the ministry explained.

The Ministry of Defense added that a group of “night hunters”, consisting of Ka-52 and Mi-28n helicopters, destroyed 24 units of military equipment during night strikes, including 7 tanks, 5 infantry fighting vehicles, 3 armored personnel carriers. During the night, operational-tactical and army aviation hit 51 military facilities of Ukraine.

In total, according to the agency, since the beginning of the special military operation (from February 24), 261 unmanned aerial vehicles, 204 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,587 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 163 multiple rocket launchers, 636 field artillery pieces and mortars have been destroyed, as well as 1397 units of special military vehicles.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense in its telegram channel published footage of the strike with eight Kalibr missiles on the infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a ship of the navy. These missiles were previously tested during the operation of the Russian army in Syria.

The video shows how eight cruise missiles are launched in turn from a rocket ship, and the entire department reported the launch of 99 shells.

As noted by MK, the Caliber missile system was developed by the Novator design bureau in Yekaterinburg. The maximum firing range of missiles is about two thousand kilometers.