Posted 25 марта 2022,, 06:28

Published 25 марта 2022,, 06:28

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Venediktov turned to the police because of a pig's head in a wig planted under his door

Venediktov turned to the police because of a pig's head in a wig planted under his door

25 марта 2022, 06:28
Unknown people planted a pig's head in a wig under the door of the apartment of the former editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy, Alexei Venediktov. A picture of the Ukrainian coat of arms and an anti-Semitic inscription in German were stuck on his door.
Moscow region

"The country that defeated fascism. Why not a six-pointed star on the door of my apartment?... They decided to intimidate me and my family? Me, whom Dudayev's militants took to be shot?", - Venediktov wrote in his telegram.

Later, he indicated that, judging by the security cameras, it was a man in uniform who did it. Delivery Club.

"The guys from Delivery Club. They said that the person who staged the anti-Semitic trick near my apartment was in an outdated uniform and with a backpack, which has not been issued to peddlers for two years. No orders were made in our house, they say", - Venediktov wrote later.

He told Interfax that he intended to go to the police.

"But my wife, as a respectable girl, unfortunately, simply removed all this, because it's rubbish. Therefore, we only have footage taken by a camera in the entrance. We will hand them over to the police”, - explained the former editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy.

It's worth reminding that on March 5, the board of directors of the Ekho Moskvy radio station terminated the contract with the chief editor of the radio station, Alexei Venediktov. Before that, it was reported that the radio station was off the air and liquidated. The Prosecutor General's Office of Russia made demands to take measures to restrict access to Ekho Moskvy's information resources, since the resource systematically posted information calling for extremist activity, violence, as well as deliberately false information regarding the actions of Russian military personnel as part of a special operation to protect the DPR and LNR.