Posted 4 апреля 2022,, 07:27

Published 4 апреля 2022,, 07:27

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Half of the borrowers were denied credit holidays

Half of the borrowers were denied credit holidays

4 апреля 2022, 07:27
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Borrowers began to complain that banks did not provide them with loan holidays. Credit institutions indicate that the applicants do not meet the conditions for such relief, and experts suggest that such conditions should be softened by law.

According to Kommersant, banks refuse in 30-50% of cases. Only in the first month of the entry into force of the law on credit holidays, tens of thousands of borrowers applied to banks for such relief. So, VTB received about seven thousand of them, Raiffeisenbank - three and a half, of which about half were satisfied, Rosbank - 1.2 thousand, 370 applications were satisfied, Promsvyazbank - more than five hundred, 45% were satisfied. The Post-Bank “connected the holidays” to over three thousand customers (the bank did not specify the number of applications), Sberbank did not disclose data on applications at all. According to experts and competitors, the number of applications from the bank could reach tens of thousands.

The project of the ONF “For the Rights of Borrowers” indicated that 95% of the refusal is explained by the fact that the loan does not meet the conditions of the program, since its amount exceeds the maximum amount established by law, or income has decreased by less than 30% (Raiffeisenbank), in addition the client is in arrears before March 1 (“Renaissance Credit”), and the reason is the presence of valid mortgage holidays (“Uralsib”).

According to the head of the project, Yevgenia Lazareva, the law on granting credit vacations needs to be changed, in particular, to fix the calculation of limits based on the residual amount of the debt at the time of filing an application for a vacation with the bank. She noted that it is difficult to get credit holidays for those who quit on their own. Many citizens may have problems confirming a decrease in their income.