Posted 5 апреля 2022,, 11:20

Published 5 апреля 2022,, 11:20

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How to book accommodation without Booking and Airbnb services: a few domestic alternatives

5 апреля 2022, 11:20
Services that will help you find a hotel or apartment for rent for traveling in Russia and abroad.

In early March, Airbnb announced an imminent suspension of operations in Russia and Belarus. Yesterday , a message appeared on the site stating that the ban has come into force: “guests from these countries will no longer be able to make a reservation anywhere <…> Announcement calendars in Russia and Belarus are blocked. It is no longer possible to welcome new guests." All bookings made by citizens of Russia and Belarus since April 4 have been cancelled. Earlier, also announced the suspension of its work in Russia. Experts from the Exploit telegram channel have selected several domestic analogues of the two most popular travel accommodation booking sites that Russian citizens can use.

Ostrovok provides all information about accommodation facilities, shows the price of all rooms and allows you to book them directly on the site.

OneTwoTrip works directly without intermediaries, so the prices here are very favorable. You can also book a sightseeing tour through the service.

Apartment - in the database of the service there are tourist places and remote corners of Russia. Everything you need is provided by the owner, and the user pays a commission only for a successful find.

Avito Real Estate - Avito section, where you can find housing for daily and long-term rent. Suitable for both students and friends going on a weekend trip. - the database contains real estate offers in more than 500 cities of Russia. Of the benefits - instant booking without waiting for a response from the owner. The commission depends on the period of stay, place and type of accommodation.