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Poll: half of citizens began to save more on purchases

Poll: half of citizens began to save more on purchases

5 апреля 2022, 07:30
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According to the results of an analytical study by the Synergy University Center, half of the Russians surveyed (51%) began to save more over the past month, trying to avoid unnecessary expenses. At the same time, every fifth respondent (18%) said that, on the contrary, he began to spend more than usual.

“About 51% of Russian citizens began to save more in the last month, 18% , on the contrary, began to spend more than usual. The financial behavior of 31% of Russians has not changed”, - sociologists report (quote from RIA Novosti).

In the course of the study, 5 thousand citizens in all regions of the Russian Federation aged 18 years and over were interviewed. The survey took place at the end of March.

Synergy researchers also reported that over the past month, 65% of Russians have begun to pay more attention to the cost and quality of goods or services. 57% of respondents refused or expressed a desire to abandon "emotional" purchases. 34% of those surveyed said they have started or plan to go to more budget stores. According to the survey results, 29% of citizens have switched or are planning to switch to more affordable brands.

The majority of respondents ( 56% ) want to cut travel costs. Every third (32%) Russian has declared his intention to cut spending on attending entertainment events. 27% of citizens are going to save on trips to cafes and restaurants, and 24% of respondents plan to cut spending on the gym and fitness. 18% of respondents are going to spend less on large purchases for the home , 16% on education, 12% on clothes and shoes, and 9% on food.

73% of Russians are not going to take loans in the next six months, and only 6% of respondents expressed the opposite point of view. Undecided 21% . The reasons for refusal of loans are fear of not repaying debt ( 33% ), lack of need ( 29% ), high interest rates ( 20% ), uncertain economic situation ( 13% ) and others ( 5% ).

Sociologists have found that 76% of Russians are unable or unwilling to save money. At the same time, 24% of citizens make regular savings. 67% of them monthly save less than 5 thousand rubles, 22% - 5-10 thousand rubles, 6% - 15-20 thousand rubles, and 5% - more than 20 thousand rubles.