Posted 6 апреля 2022, 07:14

Published 6 апреля 2022, 07:14

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Putin reminded the EU that the nationalization of assets is a "double-edged weapon"

6 апреля 2022, 07:14
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Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting on the development of the agro-industrial complex reminded European politicians that the asset nationalization mechanism is a "double-edged weapon".

“We are seeing another attempt by our partners to shift their own mistakes in the economy and energy sector onto Russia. And to solve the questions and problems that arise in this regard again at our expense. Moreover, we are already hearing statements from officials about the possible nationalization of some of our assets. Well, we'll go far. Let no one forget that a double-edged weapon”, - Putin warned (quote from Interfax).

During his speech, the head of Russia announced a decline in the production of fertilizers in the West, which is a consequence of rising gas prices. The reason for this, Putin called "the results of the activities of our partners in the West".

“The situation here in the energy sector is deteriorating as a result of non-market, rude measures, including administrative pressure on our company Gazprom in some European countries”, - the head of state said.

As Kommersant clarifies , yesterday, April 4, the head of the German Ministry of Economy, Robert Habek, said that the German subsidiary of Gazprom, Gazprom Germania GmbH, came under the control of the German authorities. According to a report by the German agency Handelsblatt at the end of March, Germany was assessing the possibility of nationalizing the assets of Russian subsidiaries of oil and gas companies in the country. In particular, it was about "Gazprom" and "Rosneft". Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov commented on Germany's plans, noting that this would be a violation of international law.

“Such a plan would very seriously violate international law and all conceivable and unthinkable rules and laws. Therefore, we will be following closely. We consider, of course, even the very study of the issue unacceptable”, - Peskov said.