Posted 7 апреля 2022,, 12:58

Published 7 апреля 2022,, 12:58

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From aviation to Pyaterochka store: Sheremetyevo employees are offered a new job

From aviation to Pyaterochka store: Sheremetyevo employees are offered a new job

7 апреля 2022, 12:58
The personnel of the largest airport in Russia are offered employment in supermarkets and construction sites in the Moscow region.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, on March 21, the management of the largest Russian airport Sheremetyevo in Moscow sent about 6-7 thousand employees to idle time, which is 40% of the total staff. The reason for this was a sharp decline in air traffic due to anti-Russian sanctions. The representative of Sheremetyevo, Anna Zakharenkova, then explained that during the period of downtime (and its period is not specified in the Labor Code), the employee is paid 2/3 of the salary, he retains his job, conditions for VHI: “The introduction of these measures will ensure social protection and support for personnel in existing conditions"

However, apparently, this case was not limited to: the online publication reports that Sheremetyevo offered employees to go to work in supermarkets or at a construction site. The airport even organizes a job fair for employees who have lost their jobs - they are offered to become cashiers or loaders in the Pyaterochka and Magnit supermarkets, switch to the railway, the construction industry or become bus drivers.

Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of the Moscow Region, after visiting the airport, said: “There are now vacancies, there are many of them. Mostransavto is ready to accept drivers from Sheremetyevo – there are about 2,000 vacancies”.

In the meantime, the work of half of the terminals and one of the three runways has been completely stopped at Sheremetyevo. In the future, massive staff reductions may follow, the newspaper writes.