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Published 7 апреля 2022,, 07:25

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Question of the day: who will compensate for the damage caused by the sanctions?

Question of the day: who will compensate for the damage caused by the sanctions?

7 апреля 2022, 07:25
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Experts agree that the oligarchs who made their fortunes in the 1990s will not be up to the task.

Russian political scientist Ilya Grashchenkov wondered what would be the extent of the damage caused by Western sanctions to the Russian economy? Until now, no one has made an assessment of it, the expert writes, but some industries depend on Western financial and logistics chains by 70-90%, and it is in them that losses will be catastrophic. They will especially affect the financial sector and industry, including the military-industrial complex, as well as the economic base - the raw materials and oil and gas sectors. But the most important thing, according to the political scientist, is the answer to the question: who exactly will restore this damage?

“There is no potential to restore the economy in society either. Our billionaires for the most part are the same old people as the officials. They gave it their all in their 20s and 30s in the 90s, and today they are "too old for all this bullshit." Class “A” officials have gone a similar way, so today few people want to change their shoes into Che Guevara and go to cut sugar cane on a plantation along with the people”, - writes Grashchenkov.

Journalist Andrey Gusiy develops this theme: “Each region will confirm the accuracy of this phrase about officials and oligarchs. Everywhere there are the same local oligarchs and officials-managers, even from a distance not familiar with production or work processes.

Local oligarchs, like federal ones, received their assets through a very dubious way of privatization and seizure, as emphasized by the creator of Magnit, Sergei Galitsky, whom Oleg Tinkov, like himself, does not consider an oligarch.

How to look for money? In Russia - only by force. It has been repeatedly said that the results of privatization should be revised; in the Stavropol Territory, this process is already underway for a number of recreation areas. And here, in the conditions of the aggressive West, it is necessary to get folders and press some owners of factories and steamships.

How to search for brains? Here it is more difficult. They are in the regions, the same Sergey Galitsky. But people like him try not to climb into power, so as not to get dirty, such a reputation has developed over many years. Although the curator of the Southern Federal District Marat Khusnullin begins his visit to Krasnodar with a meeting with Sergei Galitsky, a public fact that only confirms this idea, where to find brains.

It is impossible to say that the system will change. All over the world there are lobbyists, shadow actors, companies and oligarchs who influence politics and the economy. As a result, we are waiting for a change of elites and oligarchs, during which we will get a boost in development. It has been so, and so it will be”.