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Published 8 апреля 2022,, 16:29

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“One in ten died”: a doctor who collaborated with the CIA told about the meetings of colleagues with UFOs

8 апреля 2022, 16:29
According to a medic who worked for the CIA, hundreds of military personnel suffered brain damage, symptoms of "Havana syndrome" and even death as a result of collisions with unidentified objects.

US Department of Defense physician Christopher Green, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, spoke about the mysterious diseases that his patients found in themselves after encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). From the 1960s, Green collaborated with the CIA. In 2009, he was commissioned by the Department of Defense to write a study on injuries sustained by his patients as a result of close encounters with "anomalous" aircraft. Green's work was one of 38 studies commissioned under the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP), which was run by the US Department of Defense Intelligence Agency from 2007 to 2012. The project was dedicated to monitoring UFOs.

Green's article "Clinical Medical Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human Skin and Neurological Tissues" was published last year under the Freedom of Information Act. It describes the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, brain damage, and burns suffered by patients as a result of "CE-III-IV events" (close encounters of the third and fourth kind). The picture described is reminiscent of the “Havana Syndrome”, but Professor Green’s cases occurred decades before 2016, when staff at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba began reporting strange symptoms en masse.

A Pentagon report, closed in 2012, appeared in the press this week that also reported that U.S. intelligence officials had suffered radiation burns, paralysis, and even brain damage after sighting UFOs.

"Because I'm a forensic neurologist and brain imaging specialist, I'm the Department of Defense's chief medical officer for unexplained illness and death", - says Green. “I study injuries and deaths from unidentified UAPs. My clients mostly work in intelligence, the Department of Defense, special forces, aerospace".

According to Green, his patients have experienced similar symptoms after encountering "large, silent drones" that "floated and moved in strange ways," "emanated light, patterns, and flashes," "changed shape," and "appeared and disappeared instantly." The military's injuries may have been attributed to being too close to "thin, powerful, highly modulated microwaves" and being accidentally hit by powerful radio or electromagnetic radiation from the UFO's engines.

“Some of these objects instantly disappeared, and then just as instantly appeared nearby, but from a different angle. Some approached very close, so that people lost consciousness, and then came to their senses with burns and other wounds, ”Green says. A small percentage of patients reported that they encountered "something hidden that was a human being". Some have claimed to have sustained their injuries as a result of UFO encounters near the White House. Approximately one in ten patients died within seven years of the interview. All of these injuries can be explained by modern technology, including exposure to microwaves and radio frequency weapons used by the United States and other countries, Green said. "I don't have to make up aliens to explain the cases I see," he says. In his 2010 study, Green mentioned devices based on the use of electromagnetic and radio waves that can cause second-degree burns, frontotemporal headaches, muscle spasms and loss of consciousness at distances of up to hundreds of meters. “The use of very high intensity RF pulses at a frequency of, for example, 915 MHz will cause an increase in brain temperature of 8°C, resulting in convulsions after one minute of exposure, followed by 5 minutes of unconsciousness”, - he wrote.

There is a theory that UFOs warp the fabric of space-time, defying the laws of gravity, and in doing so turn the heat of their engines into high-energy microwaves or ultraviolet waves - this is the so-called blue shift process. Therefore, anyone who gets too close to a UFO with the engine running will be hit by radiation.

In his research, Green recalls the Cash-Landrum case, in which two women sued the US government after they allegedly encountered a UFO on a back road in Texas in 1980, after which they received a large dose of radiation exposure. Another case was considered under the AAWSAP DIA project. The 48-year-old biotech allegedly encountered three softball-sized blue balls while driving with his daughter in Oregon. As the father and daughter watched, the balloons flew towards them, and one passed through the man's arm and chest. In the days that followed, he felt dizzy, nauseous, and began to lose his hair, as well as his sight and hearing. Two years later, he was diagnosed with a rare form of chest cancer.

A recently released US government report states that of all the incidents recorded from 2004 to 2021, only 144 can be considered collisions with unidentified air objects. The rest cannot be classified.