Posted 12 апреля 2022,, 13:42

Published 12 апреля 2022,, 13:42

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Dagestan bought gas masks six times more expensive than they are sold in retail

Dagestan bought gas masks six times more expensive than they are sold in retail

12 апреля 2022, 13:42
Фото: Photobank Ura Media
Civilian gas masks in a set cost for the civil defense and emergency situations of Dagestan 6 times more than the usual market prices.

Taisiya Yusupova

As NI found out, on March 23, 2022, the Center for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of Dagestan signed a contract for the purchase of gas masks GP-7V. The state contract worth almost 80 million rubles provides for the supply of 12,624 civilian gas masks at a price of 6,192 rubles each. The supplier is Khimzashchita LLC from Balashikha near Moscow.

According to the description on the manufacturer's website, the modification of the GP-7V civilian gas mask allows you to work at points of radioactive and bacteriological contamination and drink water without removing the gas mask.

The most surprising thing is that exactly the same civilian gas masks GP-7V are sold on the OZON marketplace at a discounted price of 838 rubles . In the contract of the Center for ensuring activities for civil defense, protection of the population and territory of the Republic of Dagestan from emergency situations, gas masks appear at a price 6 times higher than the market price.

The supply contract also specifies DPG-3 cartridges for gas masks in the amount of 1008 pieces at a price of 1814 rubles each. On the manufacturer's website, the price is negotiable.

Cartridges are included in the set for gas masks GP-7 (V) in order to provide protection complete with a gas mask for respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin from ammonia, dimethylamine, nitrobenzene, carbon disulfide, tetraethyl lead, phenol, hydrocyanic acid, furfural, phosgene, ethyl mercaptan, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen chloride. The same cartridges are sold in free sale at a retail price of 1200 rubles, with a possible wholesale discount.

The price of gas masks and cartridges is not indicated on the company's website .