Posted 14 апреля 2022,, 12:30

Published 14 апреля 2022,, 12:30

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Fox News: Joe Biden Knew and Participated in his Son Hunter's Shenanigans

Fox News: Joe Biden Knew and Participated in his Son Hunter's Shenanigans

14 апреля 2022, 12:30
It seems that the US president will not be able to hush up the scandal with his son Hunter Biden, who is accused of a number of serious criminal offenses. Moreover, the investigating authorities have evidence that Joe Biden himself was involved in corruption schemes in China and Ukraine.

On the eve of the American media, which continue to actively expose the Biden family, it was reported that the Democrats, at the request of the White House, "cut down" the initiative of the Republicans to interrogate Hunter in the US Congress in the case of the illegal sale of an American cobalt mine to a Chinese company.

The Washington Post newspaper released an investigative report that confirmed key details of Biden Jr.'s "business dealings" with Chinese partners. He is accused of accepting $5 million in bribes in 2017-2018 from energy company CEFC. As it turned out, he received money for legal services rendered to one of the leaders of a Chinese company. At the same time, the newspaper notes, Hunter attracted organizations controlled by his close relative, the brother of the US President James Biden.

Fox News broadcaster reported in this regard that from the documents discovered by the FBI agents, facts appeared proving the involvement of Joe Biden himself in the machinations of his relatives. As it turned out, the head of the family clan attended meetings and dinners with foreign investors and Hunter's business partners. Photos confirm this. Father and son flew together to China aboard Air Force Two, where Joe Biden met with his son's business associates. Interestingly, in the documents he was classified under the name "Big Guy". Former Hunter partner Tony Bobulinski officially told the prosecutor that Joe Biden was hiding under this “nickname”.

Just days after one such meeting, Hunter Biden secured a lucrative venture with a Chinese investment company. At the same time, using the name of an "influential patron", he received a 10 percent discount on all transactions.

Other emails found by detectives in Hunter's laptop prove the involvement of both Bidens in obtaining huge dollar profits in Ukraine. A Fox News correspondent recounted how Hunter seized the moment as director of the Ukrainian gas giant Burisma, lining his pockets with millions of dollars, while his father Joe Biden bragged right and left about his key role in firing the Ukrainian prosecutor, who was ready to start corruption investigation. At the same time, Biden Sr. threatened to suspend a billion dollars of American aid if Kyiv did not capitulate. The prosecutor was fired and the investigation disappeared.

Despite all this evidence, Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted that he knew nothing about his son's foreign dealings and never spoke to him about it. This is a ridiculous claim that even Hunter Biden disputes. He recently admitted to The New Yorker that he did discuss his business in Ukraine with his father.

But facts surfaced proving the involvement of the president's son in financing biological laboratories in Ukraine. The British newspaper The Daily Mail presented emails confirming that Hunter helped the medical company Metabiota win multi-million dollar contracts from the US government to research deadly pathogens.

Has Joe Biden ever received "kickbacks" from his son's foreign deals? Documents show that Hunter used the proceeds to pay his father's taxes and expenses in a joint bank account. But there may have been many more. The emails indicate that Hunter made millions of dollars, while some of that money also lined Joe's pockets.

It is no coincidence that, as vice president, Joe Biden oversaw American policy in China and Ukraine, while his son received large salaries from the same countries.

Hunter effectively monetized his father's power and influence, according to Fox News. He had a single task - to be the offspring of an influential US official. Thus, he used his genetics for financial gain. In any case, hard times await the President of the United States.