Posted 15 апреля 2022,, 10:09

Published 15 апреля 2022,, 10:09

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A list of "enemies and traitors" of the motherland  appeared on the network

A list of "enemies and traitors" of the motherland appeared on the network

15 апреля 2022, 10:09
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The list of people who openly oppose Russian policy or collaborate with its enemies is constantly growing.

Recently, the Russian opposition began to report on their blogs that their personal data and information about their "anti-patriotic" activities were collected and published on the website of a certain Committee for the Protection from Traitors. Novye Izvestia went to the indicated address and found the following appeal:

"On this site, we, the patriotic forces of Russia, publish a list of traitors and enemies, we consider it more important than ever to expose and publicize the names and faces of these criminals. (…) They are traitors whom we will never forget or forgive. And we will do our best to make them answer for their actions. (...) All this happened with the support and connivance of the Ukrainian regime and its Western curators, who, in fact, did not pay attention to the crimes being committed. I'm sure they'll get a fair trial"

The list proposed by the Committee has two sections: Enemies and Traitors.

1. Enemies

“For 8 years, civilians, the elderly, women and children died and suffered in the Donbass, there were massacres of the innocent by Nazi groups. Over the entire period, as a result of the conflict in the republics of Donbass, the Ukrainian military killed about 14,000 people. A wave of persecution against the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine was provoked, which turned into atrocities against completely innocent people.

They oppressed the inhabitants of Donbass

The site contains a database that contains information about almost 100,000 people involved in harassment in the Donbass. Among them are war criminals, schemers and murderers.

They coordinated DDoS attacks on the Russian Internet infrastructure

The site contains a list of about 200 participants in special Telegram chats that coordinate DDoS attacks on the Russian Internet infrastructure”.

Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael Anthony McFaul was also on the list of enemies.

2. Traitors (cowards and fugitives)

“On February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation launched a special military operation to protect Donbass and denazify Ukraine. For 8 years, the armed forces of Ukraine, together with nationalist battalions, have committed serious crimes on the territory of Donbass. And in Ukraine itself, the ideology of nationalism and neo-Nazism flourished all this time. Despite this, some representatives of the Russian media community, who must truthfully inform the population of our country about what is happening, including within the framework of a special operation in Ukraine, have decided to emigrate abroad. Below is a list of fugitives - persons who, against the backdrop of a crucial period in the history of Russia, decided to flee the country.

In total, more than 600 cowards and fugitives were identified. We publish the first list of 250 people”

In this list we see, for example, the name of the famous writer, critic and teacher Dmitry Lvovich Bykov...

It is interesting what Russian law enforcement agencies think: are such lists open and brazen incitement of social discord in Russia? As far as we know, calling citizens of the country "traitors" and "criminals" without appropriate court verdicts is prohibited by law.