Posted 15 апреля 2022,, 15:22

Published 15 апреля 2022,, 15:22

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Majority of Britons are in favor of the resignation of the prime minister Boris Johnson

Majority of Britons are in favor of the resignation of the prime minister Boris Johnson

15 апреля 2022, 15:22
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Anti-Russian sanctions have the most deplorable effect on the British economy and cause an increase in protest moods in this country.

The protracted political crisis in Britain has escalated again. London police found their country's leadership guilty of hosting parties amid tough lockdowns. The political celestials considered themselves superior to complying with the quarantine measures they had introduced.

For the first time in British history, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his team are officially recognized as violators of the law. They got off with ridiculous fines - but their actions violate the ministerial code, which is a reason for resignations. This is further complicated by economic hardship due to sanctions wars.

Political analyst Malek Dudakov writes in his channel:

“The British economy has ground to a halt – and industrial output is plummeting. Inflation is at its highest level in 30 years, fuel prices have jumped 54%. Incomes this year will fall by 2.2%, more than a million Britons will be in poverty, and 34% of the population will have earnings below the living wage.

In order to somehow divert attention from the deplorable state of the economy, Boris comes up with new and grotesque ideas. From the last - a proposal to send illegal migrants to Rwanda. It sounds as unrealistic as his calls to build giant windmills to solve the energy crisis.

However, these sad attempts to save his career are obviously not working. The latest polls show that 57% of Britons want Boris to leave the post of prime minister ahead of schedule. Moreover, in all regions of the country - including the traditionally conservative south of England - the majority demands Boris's resignation. And in Scotland, it is supported by as many as two-thirds of the population.

So far, Boris is desperately trying to hold on to power. But in a month, the conservatives will fail in the local elections, after which they will resume intra-party squabbling - and the chances that Boris will be declared a vote of no confidence will increase dramatically. The British prime minister may become the first Western leader to lose power amid sanctions wars. And the Democrats in the United States will follow him, who are waiting for (by their own admission) a “catastrophe of biblical proportions” in the congressional elections.