Posted 15 апреля 2022,, 15:34

Published 15 апреля 2022,, 15:34

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The head of the Rosnano asked Prosecutor General's Office to check the work of corporation under Chubais

15 апреля 2022, 15:34
The head of the Rosnano corporation, Sergey Kulikov, turned to Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov with a request to check the work of the company during the period when it was headed by Anatoly Chubais.

Russian officials had questions about the quality of Chubais's work after Chubais resigned against the backdrop of the start of a military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine. Rosnano asked the Prosecutor General's Office to check the work of the company under Chubais.

The head of Rosnano, Sergey Kulikov, asked Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov to check the company's work for 2010-2020, when it was headed by Anatoly Chubais.

According to RBC with reference to Kulikov's letter to Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov, in 2010-2020, when Rusnano was headed by Chubais, the corporation's external borrowings exceeded 290 billion rubles.

The total amount of the company's debt at the end of 2020 was more than 146 billion rubles, while the cost of servicing it in 2010–2021 reached 126 billion rubles. The money was taken under state guarantees for 108 billion rubles. But already in 2016, Rosnano's debts exceeded the value of its assets. The corporation faced the prospect of bankruptcy.

The current head of Rosnano estimated the total amount of alleged damage caused by the previous inept leadership at 28 billion rubles, and asked the Prosecutor General to verify the calculations set out in the letter.

The new management of Rosnano is now negotiating with creditors on debt restructuring. However, not everyone agrees to the proposed conditions.

Information about the upcoming persecution of Chubais became known after he resigned from the post of special presidential envoy for sustainable development and relations with international organizations. In March of this year, Chubais and his family left for Istanbul.