Posted 18 апреля 2022,, 13:26

Published 18 апреля 2022,, 13:26

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"Is a mockery!" Politicians are indignant about the "Big Mother" in Gostiny Dvor

"Is a mockery!" Politicians are indignant about the "Big Mother" in Gostiny Dvor

18 апреля 2022, 13:26
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State Duma deputies have already sent applications to law enforcement agencies demanding to initiate a criminal case against the organizers of the exhibition.

A real scandal was caused by the appearance at the traditional exhibition "Art Moscow" in Gostiny Dvor of the exhibit "Big Mother" by the famous contemporary artist and actionist Oleg Kulik. The patriots saw in it a libelous caricature of the "Motherland" by the Soviet sculptor Yevgeny Vuchetich, as well as a mockery of the Russian army. Recall that Gostiny Dvor is a couple of hundred meters from Red Square.

It is precisely this circumstance that political scientist Sergey Markov is concerned about:

“In Russia, there is general indignation at the parody of the great sculpture Motherland in Stalingrad. This parody is exhibited at an exhibition in Moscow, in Gostiny Dvor. It is about 200 meters from Red Square and 400 meters from the Kremlin. Perhaps this general indignation will lead to serious changes in the political leadership of culture in Moscow.

Senator Alexey Pushkov is looking for the guilty:

“I believe that this mocking and disgusting performance, carried out at a time when our soldiers and officers are fighting and dying for their Motherland, should receive an official assessment. And it must have official consequences”.

Writer Zakhar Prilepin is outraged:

“Do you know who this terrible woman with a sword is? Motherland. Do you know where it is? In Moscow. They write to us: “The sandpiper is crazy, to hell with him, but the organizers, curators, moderators get 50 kg of rebar and ugly clay figurines from the storerooms. Yesterday I saw footage of another demolition of the Zhukov monument in Kharkov, monuments to partisans in Ukraine, in Poland. And 150 meters from the Kremlin, they are building a libelous monument”.

Deputy Alexander Khinshtein sent statements to the prosecutor's office and the Investigative Committee demanding to initiate a case under the article "Desecration of the symbols of Russia's military glory committed in public", writing in his blog:

“Those who committed this heinous act must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law!”