Posted 18 апреля 2022, 13:38

Published 18 апреля 2022, 13:38

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Mikhail Veller: “Russia has sticked in the throat of the globalists”

18 апреля 2022, 13:38
Writer Mikhail Veller, on his YouTube channel, talks about what kind of world people are in today and what road Russia is going in this world.

“Now the world has been undergoing absolutely terrible dehumanization for several years now.

I mean, first of all, the white Christian, European-American Atlantean civilization.

This dehumanization goes under the brand name "we will do better for you".

This is an interesting two-layer revolution.

From below they say that there will be socialism. And the bottom is terribly happy: you can not work, the state will give you everything.

Thus, they become completely dependent on the state, but they already agree, they do not need anything.

You give them rations and they will be fine, they don’t need anything else.

And all these guys, I don’t say black, I don’t say Latinos, well, bandits, teenage gangs - they will cut each other with soldering, even without soldering. They will change this ration for drugs, and so on.

And at the top… Socialism always suits dictatorship. Look through the textbook: there has never been socialism without dictatorship. Socialism, in order to organize, inevitably creates a vertical of power.

One hundred thousand people cannot own the plant themselves, gather in the morning and decide everything. Socialism is always representative democracy, at best.

But under socialism you have only one employer - the state. It is an absolute monopolist, it has no competitors.

You have no other option but to work for the state. And then the power of the state becomes absolute. And you will not go anywhere: you will be deprived of work - and you will be finished.

For everyone - socialism, but in fact our native oligarchs will steer.

Socialism as an instrument of globalism. And globalism means that the golden thousand will rule the Earth. Read The Big Reload by Klaus Schwab. Everything is very simple.

But Russia sticked in the throat. Because Russia denies those same liberal modern values that did not exist 60 years ago and are very important.

Russia denies the destruction, you know, of childbearing. All kinds of violent propaganda of any form of sexual relations only so that they, in principle, do not lead to childbearing.

No. In Russia, these views are completely traditional, normal and healthy.

And second, Russia categorically denies anti-white racism. She does not want to know him.

These are the two things that get in the way.

From this point of view, in the interests of globalism, either Russia should not exist, or it should be rolled by a common skating rink.

And you understand what a paradox it turns out to be: on the one hand, these two values that still exist in Russia are simple, traditional, true and, moreover, saving.

On the other hand, this is the political structure that has been formed - God forbid: its own form of dehumanization.

And it turns out, wherever you throw - everywhere a wedge.

Because if the dictatorship is bad. And if you lie under the West, that's bad too. Not for the West that was in 1955, but for the West that is today. These are completely different “regions”, they are already almost different civilizations”.

The entire video of Mikhail Weller can be viewed here.