Posted 20 апреля 2022,, 07:15

Published 20 апреля 2022,, 07:15

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“Whose sick fantasies are these "creatures"?!”: the stamping of human robots caused indignation on the Web

“Whose sick fantasies are these "creatures"?!”: the stamping of human robots caused indignation on the Web

20 апреля 2022, 07:15
A video from a factory in Korea recently appeared on YouTube, showing the process of mass production of humanoid robots using the latest 3D printer.

The video has already gained almost 28 million views and over 15 thousand comments, in the overwhelming majority of which users from different countries express indignation, indignation and serious concerns about “such a future”.

The video lasts just over ten minutes, it shows in detail the stages of manufacturing the faces of humanoid robots and, in fact, their installation on electronic bodies. True production line...

Here is what viewers write (spelling and punctuation preserved):

- And the conclusion is that the work of most scientists (especially geneticists, chemists and physicists) should be limited. And those scientists who cause mass catastrophes that led to the death of millions of people must be judged according to a specially created law. And then we will not have any fresh water, no clean air, no natural food, no animals, no fish, nothing at all. Well, as for robots, only narrow-minded people do not understand that their production will lead to very sad consequences.

- This is scary. People themselves create what will eventually replace them. Insanely painful for our future generations, what awaits them?! If we already have a bad life. I wish those who thought of all this did not succeed !!!

- It should be forbidden to give robots human appearance!!!

- Awesome! I myself work with plaster heads, paint, draw eyebrows, arrows, lips, but here the level of realism goes off scale!

- It's not just disgusting and scary, it's a disease! Godless creatures... Whose sick fantasies are these "creatures" and where will they lead humanity!

- Tell me, friends, why do robots make such believable faces? For what purpose is it necessary to be so sophisticated and try with his face? There's something suspicious here...

- It’s even scary, I don’t want robots to be among us, I want to be surrounded by normal, adequate people.

- As in the saying: there is no smoke without fire, there is some purpose and something else that humanity does not know. Curious production...

- The face is so realistic, now I will doubt who is in front of me, either a person or a robot.

- A robot will never give warm hands, a kind look, the energy of love! No to robots! A robot will never replace a living person!

- This is how humanity will slowly exhaust itself and the Earth will be a planet of dolls, it’s cool what a person has come to, but at the same time it’s sad.

- It's good that there are many people who understand the harm of creating robots. After all, a person needs a person. From the machines there is a sense when a person is present there. For example, a computer.

- An interesting video, but it's not entirely clear - for what purpose are these people robots? Dangerous topic! About five years ago, I was vacationing at a friend's dacha, somehow wandering around their house and stumbled upon a huge library of American fiction. Magazines. Lots of American Fantasy magazines. I read several stories and one I remember very well. The designer invented a man - a robot similar, like two drops of water, to him.

In some places, when the professor couldn't keep up, the robot went to meetings instead of him. He himself could make a battery or change batteries in time. Once the designer left for a week and the work remained in the house for him.

When the professor returned, the robot led him into the room and explained that he must die right now. The robot gave the designer poisoned, it seems, tea. The professor was surprised and said it was impossible! The robot has a program - do not harm the professor. The robot itself changed its program, as it was familiar with the work of the professor. And the robot said he wanted to live a human life. After all, feelings were part of the development program for this man - a robot. He said that he loves the professor's woman (and he met her as a substitute). And the robot completely decided to replace the professor in everything. "I don't need you anymore", - said the robot. And he left ... Closing the door of the room with a key. As if these designers did not happen the same thing.