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Published 22 апреля 2022,, 07:09

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Igor Rybakov: "State capitalism in Russia requires reformation"

Igor Rybakov: "State capitalism in Russia requires reformation"

22 апреля 2022, 07:09
“There will be two million new unemployed in Russia by the end of the year. How will the country change? How will your life change?" - Igor Rybakov asks these questions in a new episode on his YouTube channel.

A well-known entrepreneur proposes his program to change the situation under the conditional name "liquidation of a strategic omission".

According to the Center for Strategic Research, the unemployment rate in Russia will increase from 4.4% to 7.1-7.8% by the end of the year, but Rybakov retorts like this: “People make statistics for various orders, including political ones, in order to strongly don't disturb people. Often it is underestimated to hide the real circumstances of the cases.

According to Igor Rybakov's forecasts, the level of real unemployment will first increase to 12%, and then drop to the level of 9-10%.

“You will say: what is the difference between what they say 7-8% and what Rybakov says - conditionally 10%.

The difference is 2% of the working-age population of the Russian Federation - and this is 2 million people. And each percent is the fate of specific people.

Get ready to tighten your belts. Our economy is shrinking, the budget has no way to compensate for the shortfall in income for the new unemployed.

With the departure of foreign companies, nothing will end - in a shrinking economy, there will be no opportunity for small companies, firms to do something somewhere, create some jobs - they will also crumble”, - says Rybakov.

Should we be afraid of this level of unemployment, asks Igor Rybakov?

“Countries with an unemployment rate of 7-8% are Kyrgyzstan, Angola, Paraguay, Mali, Tajikistan, Eritrea. But there are others. For example, in Finland the unemployment rate is also 7-8%. And there are many developed countries where the unemployment rate is just as high.

There is only one difference: in Finland, for example, there are huge social benefits. And if you are unemployed, you get your thousand or two euros and live happily ever after. But in Eritrea, Paraguay, Kyrgyzstan and Mali, you suck on a balloon and get nothing.

You can probably guess how it will be in Russia with unemployment of 7-8%. For two million new unemployed, it will not seem enough!

No one will give them special benefits, but perhaps the state will still pay some small money, I see that now the government is making appropriate decisions. But this money is unlikely to help people live even physically.

So get ready to plant potatoes for the May holidays. Otherwise, there will be nothing to eat.

In the 1990s, household plots were a real salvation for people - people ate from 6 acres. Two million people - two million new peasants,” notes Igor Rybakov.

And state regulation - to prohibit businesses from firing people - will not help in this matter, Rybakov is sure.

“This will lead to hidden unemployment. People will work two days a week, the rest of the time without pay. Nominally they are employed, but in reality they are paid 3,000 rubles.

Still, perhaps, the product of some new state corporations. State capitalism. Let's create a new state corporation that will build factories for us that produce chips.

Have tried already. "Rosnano" saw. 10 billion dollars was allocated for financing, and what? Has Rosnano produced something? State capitalism in Russia has shown the limitations of its capabilities.

In some sectors, of course, it worked out - Rosatom, for example - but not everywhere.

Problem: Too much attention for one industry, where all the money is thrown, and a lack of attention for the rest. State capitalism in Russia requires reformation”, - the entrepreneur believes.

“People who, during a crisis, think exclusively about survival, how to patch up holes, how to survive, usually, like everyone else, die, moreover, the first. Now the whole country is reflecting on the topic of how to survive, while we are losing our strategic height. It should already be recognized that we missed some strategic positions 20, 30 years ago and now it is necessary to strike at them, ”Igor Rybakov calls.

"Liquidation of the strategic omission - that's my program", - says Rybakov.

“The basis of the strategic problem in Russia is that too many people do not identify themselves with Russia, they mentally live somewhere in Brazil, in Saudi Arabia, in America, in Germany… It doesn’t matter where. And Russia is a kind of “business space” for them.

Gumilyov's ideas about passionarity, about people who develop their country because they live in it, are very close to me.

There are too many people in Russia who were brought up under the influence of role models "earned money - and went somewhere to a paradise island."

This social model leads us to structural weakness. Something good is constantly being born and then washed away. You can't stop it, that's the way it is.

This can be contrasted with the education of a new generation of people for whom Russia will be a home.

Among my Turkish comrades, I have many people who say this: “There are a lot of cataclysms in Turkey: a tyrant will come, then one regime, then a second regime, but we are Turks, and whatever the regime, we will improve Turkey, because we live here."

The words of my fellow Turks are very close to me, I believe that if there are a significant number of people who live in Russia, and Russia is their home, things in society, in the economy will go smoothly.

I want to emphasize that I sharply condemn those who say: "Let's make someone there love their homeland." This is impossible, it will lead to even more dramatic and tragic consequences.

We will deal with the elimination of strategic omissions in society, educating the next generations in the self-perception that they live in Russia. The education of their self-identification that they are Russians and their life is connected with the improvement of their lives, their families, their homes, and this home is in Russia.

Therefore, we build schools, kindergartens. And, the impact of these schools and kindergartens will manifest itself in 20, 30 years, maybe 40. But I see this way of eliminating a strategic omission that really works. He is efficient. And any insinuations, plugging holes and so on - these are all tactical moves that do not work, it's all vanity.