Posted 22 апреля 2022,, 07:52

Published 22 апреля 2022,, 07:52

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The problem of arms supplies to Ukraine may lead to the resignation of Chancellor Scholz

22 апреля 2022, 07:52
The German opposition demands from the ruling coalition to start deliveries of heavy weapons to the Ukrainian army

In Germany, the fight between different political forces continues on the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine. The Bild publication reports that the Ministry of Defense of this country has halved the possible export list of weapons for the Ukrainian army, prepared by the German military-industrial complex.

As a result, the list originally submitted by the Ukrainian side was reduced from 48 to 24 pages. Of the 15 types of weapons requested by Kyiv, three positions remained in the final document, including an indication of possible alternatives.

In particular, according to the newspaper, all types of heavy weapons have disappeared from the list, and such wishes were made at the initiative of the country's top leadership, including German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Journalists attribute this decision to the recent demarche of President Zelensky, who categorically refused to receive President Steinmeier in Kyiv, accusing the latter of "excessive sympathies in Russia".

However, the problem is far from being solved. The opposition German bloc CDU/CSU plans to submit to the Bundestag next week a draft resolution on the supply of heavy weapons to Kiev - if such a decision is not made by Chancellor Scholz, reports Spiegel.

The publication writes that there are enough supporters of such supplies inside the ruling coalition. Therefore, the resolution can gain a majority, bypassing the opinion of the Chancellor.

“Then Scholz will have to raise the question of trust in himself, and with an unknown outcome,” the publication says. In other words, this conflict could lead to the resignation of the German Chancellor.

According to the publication, not only the opposition is dissatisfied with Scholz, but also the members of the ruling coalition - the Greens and Free Democrats.

At the same time, according to German Foreign Minister Burbock, the country will give up Russian oil before the end of this year.

Meanwhile, America has no such problems. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby announced the delivery of heavy artillery to Ukraine: “I think you will see these howitzers very soon. And the same goes for ammunition. If they are needed again in the future, the US will be in the forefront to deliver them”.

True, on the other hand, the United States prohibits Poland from transferring Soviet-made MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine, Reuters reports.

Thus, America rejected Poland's offer to transfer these military aircraft to the American base in Germany in order to strengthen the Ukrainian Air Force. The United States wanted to speed up the delivery of weapons to Ukraine, but the transfer of aircraft from NATO territory to the war zone “raises concern for the entire alliance”, - the Pentagon said.