Posted 26 апреля 2022, 08:38

Published 26 апреля 2022, 08:38

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German economists warn of the famine and the biggest crisis in history

26 апреля 2022, 08:38
Due to the disruption of supply chains due to the Ukrainian conflict, fertilizer shortages will follow, depriving farmers of the ability to produce enough harvest.

"Next year, one of the biggest food crises in the history of mankind awaits us", - Compact quotes the words of the head of the department at the chemical-pharmaceutical transnational corporation Bayer AG, Matthias Berninger.

The economist Martin Kaim is of the same opinion. He believes that world hunger could affect up to hundreds of millions of people.

According to the head of the UN World Food Program David Beasley, food shortages will cause large-scale migration flows. Against this backdrop, the 2015 crisis “will look like a summer picnic”.

Experts remind that potash plants in the Urals and Belarus are currently under sanctions, and these enterprises are of particular importance for European countries. Nitrogen fertilizers are offered as an alternative, but you should not expect affordable prices for them due to a rise in gas prices.