Posted 27 апреля 2022,, 09:40

Published 27 апреля 2022,, 09:40

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How does the Russian Internet differ from the global one?

27 апреля 2022, 09:40
Игорь Поночевный
If in Russian social networks it is customary to criticize any other person's statement, while the comments of foreign bloggers are usually benevolent and correct.

Igor Ponochevny, artist

If you post your picture on your native Internet, in an open public where you can post your painting, then they will definitely write in the comments:

- shit

- old

- my son can draw better

- you better write texts

- daub

- Being a specialist (some Russian-speaking gallery owner in Switzerland wrote in the comments under the post with my work), I authoritatively declare that the works are very weak and unprofessional.

But if you post the same thing in an English-language public, you won’t see a single disapproving comment at all. Most of the comments will be:

- Just wow!

- Amazing!

- Love it!

- Stunning!

- Brilliant!

- OMG!

And other good reviews.

People living in an open society genuinely rejoice and support you. But people living in a dysfunctional society drown you in it too, so that, God forbid, you don't get out.