Posted 27 апреля 2022,, 15:49

Published 27 апреля 2022,, 15:49

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How the shortage of imported spare parts will affect car drivers

How the shortage of imported spare parts will affect car drivers

27 апреля 2022, 15:49
Фото: Соцсети
There were reports on Russian social networks that the attackers began to remove valuable parts from cars.

The shortage of spare parts for cars, caused by Western sanctions, has inevitably revived a long-standing problem of theft in Russia. Popular blogger Sergey Talk recalled this in his publication:

I was talking on the phone with a friend today. In her Moscow yard with a Hyundai Tucson, the catalyst was removed at night. Turns out it's in short supply! And the neighbor says to her: urgently hide the car, now there is a problem with imported spare parts, and there is still a lot of interesting things in your car. She's in a panic! And this is just two months of sanctions.

This post, as expected, generated a lot of comments:

- Prices for imported parts soared three times, otherwise they completely disappeared. Many closed up.

- Poverty has begun, and catalysts are now expensive, they are rented and rented, it is very profitable: a few minutes of robots and hundreds of bucks in your pocket. A Hyundai catalyst costs about $ 350, which is why they steal it.

- In St. Petersburg, hijackings have become more frequent from the very beginning of the special operation. As soon as the first sanctions were introduced, it became clear that there would be no more new cars or spare parts.

- In the 1990s, slippers were stolen in reserved seat cars at night. And the money for the trip was sewn into shorts. Now it's all back.

True, it turned out that car catalysts are being stolen not only in Russia, and not only in connection with sanctions, so there is hope for a more optimistic scenario.

- Actually, the catalysts were cut out before the sanctions and not only in the Russian Federation. In Israel, they were cut out, and recently a wave swept through Finland: according to rumors, these were guest performers from Estonia. Theft of catalysts is a fairly common problem, even in wealthy countries. In England, catalysts have been stolen from cars for a long time, right on the street. It's not about the deficit. There are precious metals. Platinum in particular...