Posted 29 апреля 2022,, 08:52

Published 29 апреля 2022,, 08:52

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Tarot did not lie! In November 2021, the cards predicted the events of February 2022 (video)

Tarot did not lie! In November 2021, the cards predicted the events of February 2022 (video)

29 апреля 2022, 08:52
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At the end of last year, the astropsychologist, using tarot cards, monthly predicted the events that would happen in Russia this year.

A video recorded and posted by astropsychologist Yevgenia back in November 2021 is gaining popularity on the Web: what awaits the country in 2022? (forecast for Russia by months).

This forecast was made using a deck of tarot cards, and according to the fortuneteller herself, it turned out to be contradictory: “the future is changeable, so a lot can change...”

However, now that almost half a year has passed since its appearance on the Web, we can say that it is performed almost exactly for every month.

It is known that tarot cards, invented back in the Middle Ages (and possibly even earlier), are practically not used for playing, but only for predictions, and today they are one of the main tools in this popular pastime.

As for this forecast, the attention of social media users was attracted by a prediction for February, the month in which, as you know, “Russian special operation in Ukraine” began.

Yevgenia, revealing her cards, first predicts that Russia and the Russians will have financial problems. At the same time, she claims that the country has already experienced a similar situation in the recent past:

This is connected with military operations, and in particular, there is some share of betrayal here. Perhaps we will not know anything about this betrayal, since it will remain a secret in narrow circles, but perhaps we will find out. Three countries will be tied here (that is, it turns out that Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, - editor's note), and one of these countries will suffer greatly. It is impossible to say whether it will be Russia or not, this is not shown here. But it is shown that such a situation has already been repeated and is connected precisely with military operations..."

The forecasts for the rest of the past months of this year also came true, and therefore it will be extremely interesting to hear what awaits the country in the remaining time, including in December.