Posted 2 мая 2022,, 07:47

Published 2 мая 2022,, 07:47

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Belgian activists donned oil barrels to protest fuel prices

Belgian activists donned oil barrels to protest fuel prices

2 мая 2022, 07:47
Фото: РИА Новости
In Belgium, activists staged a rally by attending a May Day demonstration in oil drums. Thus, they decided to show their dissatisfaction with the rise in the price of fuel and essential products.

"We have nothing today, except for these barrels. This means that after paying for fuel for the car, heating the house and cooking, we have nothing left", - RIA Novosti quotes the words of one of the participants in the action.

The rally in Brussels was organized by the Belgian Left Labor Party. She advocates fixed prices for fuel and basic commodities. As political leader Raoul Hedebou pointed out, the big companies that dominate European markets are using their position to enrich themselves amid falling purchasing power of working Belgians.

"When we fill our carts in supermarkets, pay bills for electricity and gas, we see the same picture. In all sectors, giant companies enjoy a virtual monopoly. They control most of the market and set prices”, - the politician said.

He believes that the reason for the rise in price is not at all in the conflict in Ukraine, as the authorities are trying to explain.

"At the moment there are no problems with deliveries. The main reason for the rise in prices is speculation and greed", - said the head of the party.

In early spring, due to the rise in fuel and electricity prices, the country's authorities temporarily reduced VAT on electricity and gas to 6% from 21%. In addition, excises on motor fuel were reduced.