Posted 2 мая 2022, 06:22

Published 2 мая 2022, 06:22

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Donald Trump sees 'disrespect' for US leadership in Russia's nuclear rhetoric

2 мая 2022, 06:22
Former President of the United States Donald Trump said that it is impossible to talk about nuclear weapons, and Russia, with its rhetoric about them, shows disrespect for US leadership.

Trump recalled that when he was head of state, he did not welcome the idea of modernizing the country's nuclear forces, but he "had no choice" because other countries were taking similar actions.

"Nobody ever talked about nuclear weapons, you shouldn't talk about it, it's a forbidden word because it's too destructive. [Russian President Vladimir Putin] talks about it all the time because he doesn't respect our leadership”, - Trump said.

Earlier, the ex-president pointed out that now the Americans are "defenseless" more than ever, and Russia has ceased to be "afraid" of the United States. In addition, he stated that the weapons that the United States currently has are not unique. Prior to that, he said that the US nuclear weapons are the most powerful in the world. In this he saw his merit.