Posted 3 мая 2022,, 20:45

Published 3 мая 2022,, 20:45

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Large retail chains from Russia want to import goods through Kazakhstan

Large retail chains from Russia want to import goods through Kazakhstan

3 мая 2022, 20:45
Currently, Magnit and Lenta are negotiating the supply of goods through neighboring Kazakhstan.

According to Yerkebulan Orazalin (head of business and investment department in Almaty), large retailers from Russia are exploring the possibility of supplying goods through Kazakhstani channels. We are talking about goods that, due to circumstances, cannot be supplied directly to the Russian market. Orazalin noted that such supplies are a complex process that is associated with certain international restrictions.

According to the Kazakh expert, Russian companies are interested in transferring their business from Russia to the Republic of Kazakhstan. Specific companies were not named, but it is known that this process is taking place centrally - in the Atameken Chamber of Entrepreneurs, the Kazakh side has created a service window for investors who are interested in relocating to Kazakhstan.

As an example of companies that have officially confirmed the transfer of a significant part of the staff to Kazakhstan and the search for employees in this country, Orazalin named inDriver, a taxi service. In addition, the head of the Entrepreneurship Department reported on ongoing negotiations with large retailers from Russia to expand their business to Kazakhstan. So, in 2020-2021, the Kazakhstani market was analyzed by the X5 Group, but so far this company has not confirmed its plans, Tengrinews reports .