Posted 6 мая 2022,, 08:47

Published 6 мая 2022,, 08:47

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

CNN: The United States gave Ukraine data on the cruiser "Moskva"

CNN: The United States gave Ukraine data on the cruiser "Moskva"

6 мая 2022, 08:47
Washington provided Kiev with some information that allegedly allowed the Ukrainian security forces to strike at the Russian Navy cruiser "Moskva", CBB reports, citing its sources.

According to the channel, the Americans handed over intelligence information to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Where is the ship. At the same time, the report says that the United States did not know whether Ukraine would strike the ship. Washington did not participate in making this decision.

There are clear limits on what the American side will share with the Ukrainian side. Until now, Washington has refused to provide Kiev with data on potential targets inside the Russian Federation. The US rejects information that it is reporting to Ukraine where specific Russian military leaders are located.

The day before, it was already reported that Washington had transferred intelligence to Kiev, which was used to strike at the Russian military. The information in question includes expected movements of Russian troops, the source said. In addition to these data, the Armed Forces of Ukraine also uses data from its own intelligence. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby emphasized that data on the movements of high-ranking Russian officials and US commanders are not being transferred to Ukraine.