Posted 6 мая 2022,, 09:09

Published 6 мая 2022,, 09:09

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Insanity on the march: in Kostroma some residents demanded to repaint the blue-yellow stairs

Insanity on the march: in Kostroma some residents demanded to repaint the blue-yellow stairs

6 мая 2022, 09:09
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The color scheme of the facade of the municipal polyclinic No. 4 in Kostroma has become the object of attacks: some residents did not like the combination of blue and yellow colors that the entrance group of the medical facility is painted in.

A photograph of the “offensive” blue-and-yellow coloring of the city clinic was posted on social networks by a local resident. He demanded that the city authorities urgently repaint the facade.

“Why are the stairs painted in these colors? It seems to me that this is disrespectful, especially at the hospital”, - said the complainant.

His appeal caused a discussion among the townspeople. As Kostroma.Today notes, “fortunately, most Kostroma residents did not support the new trends”.

“Let's remain adequate and do not attach importance to blue and yellow colors”, - residents wrote in the comments.

“On the part of the author, this is clearly disrespect for adequate people”, - some suggested.

“Insanity was getting stronger”, - others commented.

“It’s time to ban the author of the post for inciting ethnic hatred. Well, what kind of nonsense?", - readers were outraged.

After the start of the military special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, a real campaign of harassment against the blue and yellow colors that form the basis of the Ukrainian state flag began in a number of cities in the country.

So, on February 28, on the fourth day of the special operation, the Kaliningrad Khrabrovo airport changed its usual blue and yellow logo to red and blue. The company explained the incident by "bringing the appearance of the terminal building to a single color scheme".

In Yekaterinburg, blue and yellow panels disappeared from the Airship shopping center. And in Pskov, the police forced a local resident to repaint a fence painted blue and yellow. In Stavropol, the graffiti of an elephant in a wheat field on the wall of the Dynamo stadium was painted over and replaced with an image of a military theme.